No longer is the position of a DJ a unique musical profession. Anyone who has a laptop and knows how to download a music mixing program can call themselves a DJ. Just as anyone who grabs a microphone and speaks into it can call themselves an emcee. However, we at Waveform Events know that these positions are much more intricate and difficult then they seem. Especially in the case of life changing events such as a wedding, an inexperienced DJ and/or unqualified emcee can literally ruin a couple’s one and only wedding day. Our Emcee/DJs, also know as our Event Managers, understand this. We know we usually have one shot to make this day memorable for someone, and we thrive on it. Our event managers combine the following characteristics:

  • Familiar with all music from the 50’s – Today
  • Knowledge of most music genres
  • Blend the most ideal music flawlessly
  • Ability to Read a crowd
  • Elegance and clarity on microphone
  • Control and guide guests through event festivities
  • Capable of staying behind the scenes and/or
  • bringing interaction and high energy
  • Working with photographer, videographer, and catering staff

Please don’t trust just any DJ or Emcee. If a person is not able to to combine all of these characteristics, then that person is not an Event Manager at Waveform Events LLC. Our Event Managers will provide your event, as envisioned.