4 Unique “Honeymoon” Trends

Honeymoons don’t have to be for after the wedding. There are some unique trends to put the “moon” in many of your getaways. Whether it be a traditional honeymoon or a mini-cation these trends will lead you to an above and beyond celebration.

1. Engagementmoon

Want to make your engagement extra special? Plan an engagementmoon. Take your sweetie on a surprise getaway with a few of your closest friends and family to make the surprise extra special! Take an all-inclusive resort to make thing simple!

2. Minimoon

Wedding planning can take a toll on both you and your groom. Get away for the madness before the big day and take time to decompress. Try something local like a weekend spa or a new city to check out some sites.

3. Familymoon

If you’re a couple who is getting married with children, bring your new family together by taking a family vacation to blend your two families! Familymoons are a great way to make your new kids feel included and special before your official wedding day.

4. Buddymoon

Don’t forget about your friends! Your friends will be there for you throughout your wedding process, so make them feel extra special by planning a little getaway after the wedding to get back into the rhythm of things.

These are just some unique and trendy ideas to get you on track to relaxation. Whether you want get away from wedding madness or reconnect with your friends, the “moon” in honeymoon isn’t just for after the wedding. Celebrate your new life in your own special way!