U Can’t Touch This

My favorite weddings are when I really connect with a couple. We had the pleasure of dj’ing Genevieve and Paul’s wedding earlier this year at one of our favorite venues Castle Green in Pasadena. I loved these two from the first time I met them.

Those who know me know that I’m a bit of a movie geek. Well, from the moment they walked in the door, we started talking movies. These two met in film school and are writers, directors, and other movie-type things themselves.

They chose Power of Love for their grand entrance, a song from one of my favorite films Back to the Future. Even more exciting, Paul and one of his groomsmen performed a couple of numbers in character as The Blues Brothers, a film no self-respecting geek doesn’t love. I got to introduce the Blues Brothers, a career thrill for me!

Moving beyond the film world, the party was phenomenal and there was a hilarious moment captured that I will now share with you, summoning the power of YouTube:

U Can’t Touch This

What a great party, great guest, a great couple. Thank you Genevieve and Paul!