The curse of the cheap dj

It’s a problem up and down the wedding world, those part-time vendors who charge next to nothing for their less-than-skilled services. They prey on unsuspecting clients and undercut true professionals in their field. Annette Hoegner of A Classic Touch Events, one of our favorite coordinators, tells this horror story of an unfortunate couple who chose to book a cheap dj:

As a planner I am always leery when I hear that a couple wants to hire a DJ that is offering a deal that seems to good to be true.

My big example of this is from a wedding I had last year. Against my recommendation my couple hired a DJ they found at a bridal show I had never heard of that was charging them only $700 for ceremony music, reception music, MC and an crew of 5 to pull it all off. Well it was an absolute nightmare. Below are the bullet points of the main disasters of the


  • Forgot to let extended staff know they were doing ceremony music
  • Started ceremony 20 minutes late while they downloaded the music on the lap top (after I had confirmed all ceremony music)
  • All staff was dressed in faded t-shirts and tennis shoes after being told what appropriate dress would be
  • no recessional music until the 3rd bridesmaid went down the aisle (awkward silence when bride and groom exited)
  • The MC was dressed like a streetwalker and spoke with harsh slang
  • No music for cocktail hour until 20 minutes in since they arrived late and were still setting up
  • played first dance song for father-daughter dance
  • ruined voice over that was supposed to be played at start of father daughter dance from the bride to her father
  • MC called all widows and divorcees out to the dance floor for bouquet toss (TACKY)

All of this to say you get what you pay for and this couple deeply regretted their $700 DJ deal that ended up ruining their $20,000 reception so in the end it cost them much more then going with someone reputable. Don’t let this happen to you!

Annette Hoegner

A Classic Touch Events

The worst thing about the entire ordeal is that the couple couldn’t realize the mistake until it was too late to do anything about it. Of course budget is important. We all need to keep track of where our money goes, but the fact of the matter is, price is the wrong reason to choose a dj, or any other vendor for that matter. Waveform Events may or may not be the right fit for you, but the right fit is what you’re looking for, not the lowest rate. The unfortunate result of that is a once-in-a-lifetime event, forever tainted in your memories.