Preparing For The Rain

You have your dream wedding all planned out, and everything is just perfect; the flowers, the dress, the venue… What we can’t plan for is the weather. Whether it’s your big day or not, mother nature will not hesitate to rain on your parade. How do you prepare for this situation? These tips will keep you ahead of the ever-changing weather and keep your outdoor wedding just as perfect as you’ve planned it to be.

Plan A,B,C…

Be sure to have a couple of back up plans in case the whether turns on you last minute. Contact your venue and ask if things need to be moved, how fast/easy will it be or what options they may have for you. ((PRO TIP: Make this one of the interview questions when you’re first searching for venues. “What are your contingency plans in case of bad weather?”)

Rent A Tent

Whether you’ll need it or not, having a back up for the weather *JUST IN CASE* is a great way to stay prepared. If you have an outdoor wedding planned, having a tent available and ready to be delivered can help keep stress levels down if the unthinkable happens!

Get Creative
Droplets in the forecast? Have a bin near the entrance of large umbrellas your guests can grab on the way in and keep with them at their seat. Or perhaps leave a compact umbrella on each seat so that guests may use if needed during the ceremony or reception. And DO NOT forget to prepare for winds, as well! The wind can make things extra chilly, and your guests (especially out-of-towners) may not be prepared for what your hometown weather has in store. Consider wicker baskets with small blankets at each table so that your guests may stay warm before it’s time to hit the dance floor!

These are just a few tips to keep your wedding running smoothly even if your local meteorologist promised sunshine. Staying prepared and keeping things in check will help you enjoy your day rather than stress about your guests.