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At Waveform Events we not only specialize in wedding spectaculars, but can also help you put together an unforgettable corporate event! Whether you’re hosting a conference, a company celebration, or a retreat, our expert team will set you up with all you need! From large to small, our team will ensure you find the right space, have the right lighting and sound, and make sure your event goes off without a hitch!

If you’re in need of a great space for your next corporate event, contact our team today! For more information call 800-381-0736.

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Tips for a perfect engagement shoot!

Preparing for an engagement shoot is an important day for you and your significant other. There are tons of details to wrk out before and during the shoot. Make the day feel natural and extra special with these great tips to feel the love all day long!

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If you’re ready to plan your special engagement, let the Waveform team capture those magic moments for you! To book an appointment, call us today!

Things To Consider When Setting A Date


The day has come! You’ve been asked to be a bride! Now the seriousness begins. The planning. There are so many things to consider when your planning your big day, but more importantly setting your date is top of the list. Here are a few tips to make planning smoother.

1. Schedule. You’ll want to consider yours and your guest schedules when choosing a date. If there are friends or family that you must have at your wedding, consider if there are any scheduling conflicts with friends and family.

2. Budget. This is the hardest part about wedding planning. Everyone wants to throw an extravagant celebration, but money is a big factor. When deciding on venue, photographer, etc., make sure to sit down and discuss in depth what the bottom line budget is, so that things don’t get complicated later.

3. Venue and vendors’ availability. If you’ve already figured out a date then the next step is venue and vendors. If you already know where and who you want, as far as vendors and venue, then call as soon as possible. These things book up quickly.

4. Seasons and style. Consider what kind of story you want your wedding to tell. For example, if you want a winter wonderland, the holidays may pose a problem. If you’re going for a floral theme, then spring/summer would be best.

5. Significant dates. Are there any dates that you and your significant hold dear? This could play a great role in your choosing a date! Your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, New Years, these are all great dates, but they will fill up fast! So if you have a date you have your heart set on, book soon!

These are just some helpful guidelines that will help you start the planning preparations, so let the planning begin!

Unexpected Wedding Trends


A wedding is a showcase of love and devotion. Many brides follow the traditional guidelines for their big day. But, for those who are looking to spice it up and make their day unique, these 5 trends will keep your guests talking for years to come.

1. Go Pro Captures. With the newest tech, having your wedding day on video has never been easier. If you’re looking to save some bucks, but get some great footage, this is the way to go.

2. Dance, Don’t Walk! Instead of making your way down the aisle in the traditional slow walk, make a statement and get your groove on with a little shimmy and shake down the aisle. It’s a great way to get everyone pumped up!

3. Officiant Change Up. Why not have your best friend or a close family member have the honor of making you man and wife? This can be a special way of making the day that much more special for everyone involved.

4. Grandparents: Flower Girl and Ring Boy. If you have the privilege of having your grandparents at your wedding, why not make them a part of the wedding party. This is a super cute way of getting them involved, and having lasting memories with them.

5. Wedding Toast Video Sing-a-long: Many weddings have a videographer that will go around and ask guests to say a few words for the happy couple, but why stick to tradition? Have your guests sing their toast to you and your significant others favorite jam! This is a fun and interactive way to involve your guests and make a unique statement at your wedding.

For more non-traditional trends, call our Waveform coordinators and let them help you make a big statement at your wedding!

Waveform Events Remembers David Bowie


It saddens us learn that a great legend has passed today. A magical talent, who has influenced the minds of music lovers over the decades, David Bowie, has lost his battle to cancer. His memory and legend will live on in all of our hearts, and his music will never be forgotten. So, “Let’s Dance” and celebrate an influential force. RIP David Bowie.

Top 10 Wedding Planner Secrets

It’s wedding time! You’ve started planning every detail out. You’ve found the perfect wedding planner and they’re ready to get you moving and grooving for your big day. But your planner has some secrets they are keeping for themselves. Stay ahead of the game with your planners secrets!

1) Don’t worry about what people think.
2) Cut back on the flowers, and buy wholesale.
3) Bridesmaids dresses don’t have to be expensive.
4) Pinterest is your wedded bliss’s no. 1 enemy.
5) Can’t afford me? You can still get a planner.
6) Don’t do business with your friends, no matter how much you like them.
7) Your mom is so crazy.
8) We really want to work with you. Even when you’re being a nightmare.
9) Don’t do a cash bar.
10) Read. The. Contract.

Keep these helpful tips in mind during your wedding planning and make sure to ask questions to make your big day epic!

Merry Christmas!

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Capture the Holidays!

Have you invited all your friends and family for an epic New Years party? You’ve got everything planned when your guests arrive. The tree is beautifully adorned. The table is perfectly set and hot hor dourves are waiting to be devoured. But in all your planning your forgot one thing, a person to capture all those special moments. Not to worry. At Waveform Events, we have you covered! Our Waveform planners will make sure to photograph your entire night. From the gift exchange to the after dinner activities, let our team make the night easy and fun! For more information or to book your videographer contact us today!

It’s not too late! Plan your holiday party today.


Tis the season to gather with friends, family, coworkers, and everyone in between for holiday cheer and merry times. Plan your cheerful holiday get together with Waveform Events! Our expert planners will help you create the perfect party for all to celebrate. From the perfect venue to a winter-tastic DJ, your epic celebration will have your guests dancing in a magical winter wonderland! Don’t delay, plan your event today!

Planning an Ugly Sweater Party

The holiday time is here and its a great time to celebrate with friends and family. A great time to also throw a themed party! One great holiday party idea is the Ugly Sweater Party! Here are some great tips on how to throw an epic celebration!

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If you’re ready to plan your Ugly Sweater Party let Waveform Events help you make it happen! For a consultation call 800-381-0736.

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