Treat your guest at on your special day

A way into anyones heart…FOOD! We all look forward to the delicious treats a wedding has to offer and can’t wait to indulge. Whether it be for cocktail hour or the reception try these unique appitizers and impress your guest from beginning to end!

Mini Me. Create a unique menu of some of yours and your significant others favorite “junkfood”, but in mini form. Dishes like pizza, burgers, or dessert are all great bites.  Little bite size dishes can keep things fresh and bold throughout your special day.

Pairings. Pair your favorite appetizer with a personalize wedding drink. A perfect way to bring both food and drink to the table, pairings can spice up any wedding day. Get creative and impress your guests!

Treats to go. When your special day has come to an end, offer a late night treats to go, so your guest can enjoy your wedding even on the ride home! Milk and cookies or sliders and fries are great on the go eats.

Late Night Breakfast. Everyone loves to hit Denny’s or Ihop after a night of fun drinking and dancing. Why not offer your guest some great breakfast grub that they can indulge in before the end of the night. Or offer it to go for those who what to keep the party going all the way home.

Food Truck Alley. Go big and offer an array of your favorite food from your favorite food trucks. Food trucks are all the rage, so if you are looking of a bold and innovative way to dazzle your guests, bring the food to them!

Weddings are a special day to celebrate with those you love. Make your guests talk about your wedding for years to come with these cool and yummy eats.

Best Songs for any celebration— Top 10 Songs to include on your playlist.


One of the most important things a good DJ must have is a rockin’ playlist. Whether its for a wedding or a corporate event getting people on the dance floor, moving and grooving, is the ultimate goal. Get the party started and keep the party people dancing with these top 10 must have songs for any celebration!

Playlist Must Haves:

1. Don’t Stop Believing: Journey

2. Shout: The Isley Brothers

3. Yeah: Usher feat. Lil Jon and Ludacris

4. Low: Flo Rida feat. T-Pain

5. Hey Ya: Outkast

6. Get the Party Started: Pink

7. Sexy Back: Justin Timberlake

8. Hot in Herre: Nelly

9. Celebration: Kool and the Gang

10. Let’s Get It Started: Black Eyed Peas

So get your booty on the dance floor and groove to these sick beats! Consult today and book your next DJ!

The Importance of Lighting at your next event!


Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, graduation, or corporate event, light is a key element to making the experience memorable. But how do you choose the lighting scheme that is right for your event? Consider these helpful tips when making your next lighting decision.

Highlights. Create a focal point for you guest to gaze upon. Whether it is the centerpiece on the table or the epic buffet display, highlights can help guide your guest to a memorable experience. 

Color, Color, Color. Consider using colorful lighting to brighting up your event. Play around with lighting styles such as Uplighting or Color Wash to create a dramatic effect in the room. Playful strobe lighting can also draw all your guys up out of their seats and grooving on the dance floor. 

Fixtures. Depending on the location or venue, fixtures can be an easy and effective way to establish a controlled lighting environment. Fixtures such as overhead lights or chandeliers are easily changeable.  So whether you want to brighten up the atmosphere or create an intimate experience, your party can go from dull to epic with the push of a button. 

Consult with one of our Wave Planners today, and create your dream lighting experience at your next event. (800) 381-0736

4 Things To Keep In Mind About Reception Decor!

Wave BLOG POST 4 ThingsTo Keep In Mind About Reception



As the soon-to-be bride, you can bet you’ll be breathtaking on your wedding day. Your groom will be handsome, the bridesmaids will sparkle, and the guests will wear their best garb to celebrate the occasion. Doesn’t this mean your reception decor should be equally as gorgeous and should set the mood for a wonderful celebration?


Here are 4 great tips to help you make your reception beautiful!





Wave for blog use beach pic




  1. Choose reception decor that matches your wedding theme! 

It will also keep your wedding day consistent and beautiful. For example, for a beach-themed wedding, try centerpieces featuring seashells, candles, nautical decorations and more. By considering the wedding colors/theme, you’ll make it much easier to decide on reception decor.










Wave flower gilrs pic


  1. Think about Your Reception Location

Another great idea, that will help you choose the reception decor, is thinking about your location. If it takes place in a formal hall, you may want to plan for flowers, centerpieces, linens and other traditional decor.

However, a reception in a beautiful garden is often planned a bit differently. You already have a breathtaking backdrop, so there will be less to plan.  Take pictures of your reception location well in advance, so you can determine what areas need decoration and what supplies you will need.





WAVE for Blog


  1. Don’t throw your budget out the window.

Between centerpieces and vases and flowers and napkins and linens and table decorations and place settings and….

Take a deep breath. The list can go on and on, but that’s no reason to stress. Once you’ve decided what you want, be sure to mind your budget. Doing this before hitting the stores, and the professionals, means you’ll be more likely to stick to it. Plus, shopping around for items within your budget will be a welcome surprise when you realize that your non-impulse buys can save you in the hundreds or thousands.





Wave for blog use country recpetion




  1. Do what YOU want!

Check out the latest trends in reception decor — looking on Pinterest, for example – and save the ideas that stick in your mind.  As the bride-to-be, no one’s opinion matters more than yours. If you prefer a Cinderella theme, choose that; if you would rather have a rustic or winery style reception with natural decor, choose that! It’s YOUR wedding reception!

Flip through magazines, browse pictures online, and get some great inspiration for your own style! In the end, choose the reception theme that you love, and chances are your guests, friends and family will love it as well.


Tell us here about some wedding themes and reception decor that have been your favorites!

Tips and Tricks from Caterers for the Tastiest Wedding Around

Waveform Blog  pic Tips and Tricks from Caterers


A million things go into planning your wedding menu. Choosing hors d’oeuvres, drinks, desserts and your main course can feel endless and overwhelming. Hopefully help is on the way.








Wave catering blog pic wedding cake





Make sure your reception is a reflection of you. If you, as a couple, never miss taco Tuesday, and you love your margaritas, then include them in your food theme! Pick your patron and use it for your signature drink! Having your favorite beverages, or using your most-loved foods on some part of your courses, will not only be festive and tasty, but it lets everyone know who you are.



Food and venue don’t have to go together. It’s great if your food and your venue go together, but is is NOT a must! If you’re having a beach wedding, it doesn’t mean you can’t have it catered for BBQ! It’s more important that the formality of the reception match the venue…not the food.


Wave blog catering table

Buffets and stationed meals are gaining popularity. Using a buffet or food-station allows picky eaters, or those with allergies, to eat easily and effortlessly. A plus is that anyone can eat at any time! It also permits the fun of themed areas: the groom likes seafood and the bride likes Mexican food. This way it’s fun foodie festivities for all! Win-win!




Catering tip #63: Most newlyweds won’t have had time to eat much at their own wedding, so ask your caterer to pack up some food for you to take home.



So, what’s your foodie style? What would you serve at your party-of-the-year? Be brave, bold, and creative. It’ll be a blast!

Having Guests Without Stress




Waveform Blog No stress guests


Whether you’re having a big wedding, a 50th anniversary party in your backyard, or a graduation blowout, these simple tips give you a leg up on a stress-less evening of celebratory fun!















Waveform DJ

1) Get the Music Right

If you are 30 but your guests include 65-year-olds, they might not appreciate your favorite kind of music. Work with your DJ to get your music and theme customized for your whole event. Remember, your DJ has done this before, so they’ll know how to incorporate everyone’s tastes. Plus, they can adjust accordingly during the party and even turn the inevitable lull into magic moments.





Waveform lighting room

2) Get the Lighting Right

Nobody looks good with bright overhead fluorescent lighting, and nothing kills a party quicker than bright lights. Dim lighting makes everyone look better. Make your setting intimate – even with 200 people there! Add in candlelight. It is truly sexy and let’s face it, everyone DOES looks better in candlelight. Take the plunge and change it up with beautiful candle-laden center pieces, strings of mystical white lights, overhead lanterns, or mason jar light trees. Your magical evening will be memorable.





waveform drinks

3) Have Signature Cocktails

Make a signature cocktail to the theme or mood of the party. Have appropriate glasses, garnishes and buckets of ice. Cute or hand-stamped cocktail napkins keep your theme alive. It sets the tone of your celebration whether it’s a wedding, anniversary party, or a graduation. Even non-alcoholic cocktails are fun! Make sure pitchers of water with lemons and limes and pretty water glasses are available. If the tap water is terrible, have jugs of spring water. The more hydrated and happy your guests are in the water and non-water ways, the more distinctive your party, whether for 10 or 300. The care is always in the details when it comes to parties.





waveform food on platters

4) Serve Easy, Impressive Food

Food is sometimes the life-force of a party. Good food = good party. Boring food = well, you get the idea. But keep it simple. Some ideas are:

Make sure any pre-made food is on elegant or interesting serving platters, or in pretty bowls that fit the theme of your bash.

Have your caterer, or you, add fresh chopped herbs to pre-made dips to brighten and doctor them.

Have an interesting cheese platter. Simply and lovely.

Create a simple antipasta-like dish by filling ramekins with olives, feta cheese, Parmesan, dried Italian meats, sundried tomatoes and Marcona almonds. or whatever you wish. Simply, elegant and fun to nosh on.

A new trend is inexpensive but tasty American caviar. Enjoyable, adventurous, but inexpensive.

For a event-worthy dessert presentation, have your caterer, or you, put out simple, yummy cookies from your favorite bakery on beautiful platters, or put out fancy little plates with individual items, like gourmet chocolates, petit fours or little brownies. These can be served by catering staff, or yourself, table-side at the appropriate time.
An effortless, uncomplicated, but a delicious and breezy time will be had by all.


How do you stay stress-less for your parties?

So Many Reasons To Keep ‘Em Dancing All Night Long

Waveform blog So Many Reasons to To Keep 'Em Dancing

Wedding nightmare #23: No one is dancing! Just follow these tips for a Dance Dance Revolution Eve!



1. Set The Mood Early
The cocktail hour is a good time to get the party going. Consider hiring specialty performers or musicians from a part of your love story; a mariachi jazz trio, Hawaiian band from your recent vacation or soon-to-be honeymoon, or even a barbershop quartet. Just make sure your guests aren’t noshing in silence.

















 2. Have a Decent Sized Dance Floor

Too big and everyone is self conscious; too small and it’s too cramped. Make your dance floor the focus of the reception room—don’t tuck it in the corner. By featuring it, you send guests the message that dancing will be a big part of the evening.





3. Fix Your Seating Chart

Seat friends and family who love to dance nearest the dance floor. They will be more likely to get up and get the party started. Keep the less inclined to dance further away from the dance floor and the music decibel levels.





4. Skip the iPod

You may have the best playlist in mind, but there’s a reason why DJs and bands are so great at weddings—they are there to read, interact and adjust to your crowd’s mood through the evening, and to make sure everyone is dancing and having a good time (so you don’t have to). I mean, do you really want a friend getting up to grab the microphone all night to announce your cake cutting and bouquet toss? Didn’t think so. If you research, you will find a band or DJ in your price range with your style. Trust us — it’s worth the money knowing your guests will be entertained all evening, and you too.





5. Keep Everyone in Mind with Your Playlists

If you’re Indie Rock kind of people, well, that’s great, but make sure you mix it up for everyone. A little Frank Sinatra for your grandparents, a touch of Bruno Mars for the friends, and a dash of One Direction for your baby sis. It’ll make them all happy and keep ’em having that extraordinary time you wanted them all to have. Take song requests. Set up your social media wedding site and ask everyone to vote on the last song of the eve. Get them involved. Seeing your Uncle Bob enjoy the night too will be priceless.





6. Create A (Short) Do-Not-Play List for Your DJ

Don’t want the Chicken Dance played? No problem. Put it on the list. Don’t micromanage though, let them figure out the best way to mix the music. It’s what they do best.









 7. Keep The First Dance Brief

Pay careful attention to your favorite song’s length before using it for your first dance. The same goes for those mother-son and father-daughter dances too. Work with your DJ or band to come up with the perfect shortened version if your favs are too long. 4 minutes isn’t bad unless you’re just dance-rocking back and forth, then…it’s an eternity for everyone else. Try sprucing your dance moves up, take a few classes before the wedding. You don’t have to be Dancing With the Stars good, but it’ll make your first dance together not only great-looking, but a truly romantic and poignant moment.





Have you ever had to get the dance party started? What are some of your tips and tricks to get your guests up to strut their stuff?

5 Reasons You Should “Hashtag” Your Big Day!



1). With social media you can create a hashtag for your wedding or event and have access to every picture everyone posts for your wedding. Let everyone know the hashtag, including the photographer, for catching and posting some amazing candid and off-the-cuff pics.



Blog pic



2). You won’t miss a thing! With everyone involved in taking pictures and posting, you can be in the moment without missing anything, including the fun goings-on that you’re friends are into at the reception, while you are having to do your receiving line and bridal/groom duties.



blog 4













3). You get to be a celebrity for a day! And let’s face it, who really hasn’t wanted to be! FUN!



4). Guests can upload shots to a private fb page for the wedding or event. It gets others involved and there’s a fun place to come back to for wedding/event stories and pics.



5). With all the candid shots everyone is taking, you get meaningful instant decor and design for your home! It’s easy to turn Instagrams into home art using sites like Prinstagram and Shutterfly. Turn everyone’s smart phone pics into everything from fridge magnets to wall calendars. 



What are some more ways to involve your guests and social media in your wedding or event? Have you tried it? Let us know what you think!

5 Reasons You Need a Photo Booth at Your Wedding or Event


1). Photo booths can get everyone active at your event! Down time between speakers, while the DJ is setting up, or while wedding party is taking pictures, a photo booth ensures guests of all ages are left entertained.



photobooth shot 3





2). Photos are perfectly suitable souvenirs or party favors. Your guests not only
have a great time choosing their silly hats and other props to model in, but walk
away with their pictures on the spot, and your name/event name and date can be
printed, as well!






3). Easy and inexpensive way to record an event for all involved. Since the guests keep their photos, they are pleased. And with many photo booth packages, the party thrower and investor (ie. Bride/groom, corporate) can get digital copies of all the photos taken, so you’ll never miss out!



photobooth shot 2



4). Not everyone likes to get out and dance (and those that do will need to take
a break from cutting a rug at some point). Having a luxury photo booth will
provide your guests a nice escape and still allows them to get as goofy as they
want in the booth! Old, young, in between..all can participate.





5). Creates another party within the party by creating an atmosphere of fun and
joy for your event. You can also let your event go VIRAL with social media options
since you receive the pictures almost immediately! What’s that saying? “Ain’t no
party like an Instagram party….”


Waveform photobooth













What about you? What’s your “photo booth photo style”? Fun, elegant, selfie?

8 Reasons You Need A Professional Photographer

Have a big event coming up? Wedding? Corporate? Family Reunion?


Here are eight reasons you should probably use to consider hiring a professional photographer to catch the memories of a lifetime…

Pro Photographer



The photographer has the ability to make people feel comfortable and move around unobtrusively, never interfering with the flow of the event. This allowing for ease and natural looking images.


You need someone with a trained eye who knows how to be in the right place at the right time, with the right equipment, and who is tech savvy. They can he handle difficult lighting conditions such as: bright sun, a dim church, candlelight, and more.


A professional will have the foresight to be prepared for each situation with a secondary camera with different types of lenses. Professional event photographers will scope out the venue and surrounding areas prior to an event to plan ahead.


Professionals have experience shooting fleeting moments. Pros will be behind their camera the entire time and prepared for those moments that are meaningful, but otherwise lost in themselves.


Knowledge of and anticipation of angles; knowing where to stand and what angles to shoot from comes from experience.


Pros can shoot in a variety of styles. From dim lighting and soft focus to documentary photojournalist. Many are great at enhancing prints and putting together a stunning, magazine-style album.


They have the energy to work non-stop for 12 to 18 hours without breaks. Some even bring along another photographer and work together to continually catch the best shots.


Another plus is having your pictures in a database that can always be accessed for albums, large prints, gifts, slideshows even for the future, in the event of an album loss.



What events would you have a pro at? Are YOU a professional photographer? What are some of your favorite reasons to shoot large events? Let us know in the comments below!

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