10 Ways To Have A Dream Wedding On A Budget

Planning a wedding on a budget is not an easy task. From the catering to the venue, the tab adds up. If you’re planning a wedding on a budget, these tips can help you cut cost, but still have your dream wedding day.

1. Have a free reception in a national park. Check to see if a park offers a free permit to have weddings. If so, this can significantly cut the cost of your budget.


2. Set up games. A fun and easy way to entertain guests! Create personal games or set up some fun and simple games such as corn hole, beer bong or bocci!


3. Find a liquor vendor that lets your return unopened alcohol. If you plan on providing libations for your guests, but not go through a bartending company, this is a great way to save money, but also provide guests with great drinks.


4. Save on flowers. Get creative with your flower arrangements! Decorate with paper flowers or go all out with babies breath, while still creating a whimsical decor.

5. Hire music students to play the ceremony. The cost will be less than professional musicians and will be just as beautiful. Contact your local colleges and ask the music department for information.


6. Ask a friend or friends to make a cake instead of providing a gift. This can be a great bonding experience for family or friends and can be decorated with your flowers the day of.


7. DIY wedding menu. Grab some chalk paint and provide a breakdown of the day, provide seating arrangements, or any other information needed for guests.


8. Thrift your dinnerware and seating. Check your local thrift shops, garage sales, or ask family for donations or if they have chairs or seating they want. Thrift shops can provide great deals on these items as well!


9. Collect cheap vintage details. Get creative with decor. Find special and unique items to decorate your wedding with.


10. Provide cheap and fun snacks for your guests. Popcorn or cotton candy machines can be fun and give guests a chance to mingle!

If you’re trying to save money for your big day, these 10 tips are a great way to stay on budget. Happy wedding planning!

In Honor Of Prince

In honor of the late Prince, we’ve got 10 songs that you may not have known the iconic musician wrote! These recognizable songs were made famous by some the the biggest artist of the time, but hold a true Prince flair in the end. Do you recognize these songs?

1. “Nothing Compares 2 U“ by Sinead O’Connor.

2.“Manic Monday“ by The Bangles.

3.“When You Were Mine“ by Cyndi Lauper.

4.“How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore“ by Alicia Keys.

5. “Jungle Love” by Morris Day and the Time.

6. “Stand Back“ by Stevie Nicks.

7. “I Feel For You“ by Chaka Khan.

8. “The Glamourous Life” by Sheila E.

9. “Pray“ by M.C. Hammer.

10. “Love Song“ by Madonna.

RIP Prince

As DJs, you can only assume our grand love of music. Today, we lost a legend, and want to honor the man who gave so much to, not only an industry, but an era.


RIP, Prince. You will be missed.

10 Things Couples Forget On The Big Day

You’ve spent months or years planning your special day and finally the big day has arrived. You’re up early getting ready for the moment of a lifetime and the day is just go, go, go! From prepping everyone for the ceremony to making sure everyone is accommodated, the bride and groom’s mind are running a mile a minute. With so much to do, there are things that are bound to be forgotten. These 10 things are the most commonly forgotten by the couple-to-be, but now you can be fully prepared for your big day!

Untitled design

Don’t let your big day get the best of you. Take the time to breathe it all in and keep you and your significant other prepared with these helpful tips. It’s a special day, make sure to remember all the fun!

Fun Bridal Party Games


It’s the job for the bridal party to shower and pamper the lovely bride right before her big day with a big bridal shower. From champagne toasts to girl talk, there are so many things to plan, especially the games. Although the bridal shower is for the bride, her lovely bridal party should have fun in the process too. Some games are dull and boring, but these six games will keep guests laughing and having fun throughout the day!

1. Who Am I? Ever play the game Guess Who? This game is similar, however, you write down the names of your favorite famous people and guests will place them on their forehead. Then the guests will take turns giving hints, while the person with the name on their forehead tries to guess. To spice it up, try using people, places, dates, etc significant to the bride and her groom.

2. How Old Is The Bride? Gather a big pile of photos from the bride and grooms childhood and have guests try to guess their age. Line them up on either a board or a table (not in chronological order) and the guest with the most correct answers wins a prize.

3. Words of Wisdom. This one is a little more sentimental. Have guests write down some thoughtful words or advice for the soon to be couple (from serious to silly of course). During the gift opening portion of the party, have the gift giver (the gift the bride is opening) read their words.

4. Gift Bingo. Create a game by writing down the potential gifts the bride may receive. During gifts, guests will mark their boards. Get creative with prizes by getting fun and silly gifts from the dollar store or making fun gift bags.

5. Banned Words. This is fun. As guests arrive, give them a fun trinket, like a bracelet or a necklace (something silly) and let them know a certain word is not allowed to be spoken for a portion of the party. The person who collects the most trinkets wins the game.

6. Dressing for the Honeymoon. This is an interactive game for the bride. Fill a suitcase or a travel bag with silly and fun items; from a big sombrero to a moo moo and things in-between. Blindfold the bride and as she picks up an item she has to guess how it is worn. It will be a fun and silly game and perfect photo opportunities for all!

From silly to sentimental, these games are a perfect addition to any bridal shower. Of course, modify each to your bride-to-be to make each game special. Let the fun begin!

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Saving Tips For Your Wedding

There are so many things you have to plan for your big wedding day. From the caterer to the venue. From planning the menu to finding the photographer, your plate is full from the day you say “I Do.” With the many things you will be planning out, what can you eliminate to make your process easier and save you money?


1.Party Favors. Although these are a cute and “traditional” item to have for your guests, you do not necessarily need to provide them. You’re providing a lavish and fun party for them already, what more do they need?


2.Wedding Programs. Unless you plan on having an extravagant all day event, in multiple locations and with a rock band performance, a wedding program is not necessary. An alternative way to provide a program would be a cute announcement board right by the guest seating before the reception or at the entrance of the reception space.

Wedding flowers

3.Customized Runners. Whether it’s a table runner or an aisle runner, it’s an expense you don’t really need to add to your list. Try something more creative like rose petals to add that chic touch.


4.Expensive Champagne. If you plan on providing champagne for the wedding, you don’t have to go fancy. Many people can’t tell the difference. Use the money you save on something else like a wedding video or extra appetizers.

5. Disposable Cameras. There is no need to spend extra money on disposable cameras. Between the photographer and your guests, you will have plenty of captured memories. Create a dropbox folder just for your wedding so that your guests can share and upload their pictures from your big day.

Your wedding day is yours to customize, but if you’re looking to save a few bucks for your big day, these tips will help you stay in budget and may relieve some wedding day planning stress.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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How To Entertain Kids at a Wedding!


You may have a vision of your wedding day and that may include a wedding where children are attending. It’s going to be a busy day so how will you make your day entertaining for all? There is a solution to keep the littles ones from running around and screaming during those special moments.

1. Create a Craft Room or Child’s Area. A great way to keep kids from running amuck is keeping them all in one area where they can be creative and have fun. Scratch paper, crayons, and colored pencils are perfect solutions for creative blues.

2. Movie Room. Depending on location, you can create a viewing room with classic kids movies to keep them from boredom and getting into mischief. Sing-a-longs and Disney are always a great choice.

3. Game Station. Videos games are another great solution to keep the kids wrangled and interacting with the other kids in the wedding. Video games, puzzles, or legos are great for all ages.

4. Hire a Professional. If you can, get a professional babysitter that will keep the kids under control and entertained, while allowing mom and dad to have a groovin’ time at the reception.

Get the wedding of your dreams without leaving any of your guests out of your special day with these helpful tips on entertaining kids at your wedding!

The Perfect Corporate Party

waveform 2

Are you planning a big company event? Get morale up and boost your employee’s spirits with a perfectly planned corporate event with Waveform Events! It’s never a bad time to surprise your employees with a fun outing. Follow these easy steps and make your event special for everyone.

1. Invite ALL your employees:
Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, every player on your team is important. So when planning the invite list, make sure to include all those who make what you do possible. From the guy in the mail room to the janitor, they are an essential member of the team.

2. Plan a surprise:
Get your attendees excited with a little awaited surprise. Whether it be karaoke or a team building exercise with prize incentives, it’s always a nice treat to have something to look forward to other than dinner.

3. Be prepared:
Make sure to have the date, RSVP list, venue, food, drink, etc.. locked down before the big day. Allow sufficent time for your employees to make a decision on whether they can make it or not and make sure to pick a convenient date. It may also be a good idea to have a back up plan, in case any hiccups occur on the day of the event.

4. Provide food/drink:
You don’t have to go crazy when it comes to food or drinks. But, you should not charge your guests for it either. Get creative with your menu. Try a unique buffet style set up or multiple finger food appetizers to give it variety.

5. Have Fun!
Plan to have a good time. The event should be casual and fun for all. If the event sounds dull, it may be a possibility people won’t RSVP. So, keep it light and fun for all!

Treat your company to a great day of fun, food, and good times with a perfectly planned corporate event. Contact our team and let us make your event special!

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