13 Must Have Photos With Your Bridesmaids


A brides bridal is a wonderful blend of all things they love. You have some wonderful personalities coming together on her special day, making sure to spread love and joy for the happy bride. A wonderful time for any bride and bridesmaid is the photo shoot! A way to capture your best moments on that special day. These 5 photo poses are a must have for any bride to be!

1. Waking Up

Before the beautification process begins, be sure to capture some raw moments of you and your bridesmaids. It’s a great time to be playful and silly before the transformations begin.

2. Helping the Bride into her dress

Every bride is going to need help slipping into her gorgeous gown and who better to help her than her partners in crime. Another sweet moment every bride will love to have.

3. Mirror Photo (more…)

5 Things Every Bride Forgets to Budget For


Budgeting for a wedding is hard work. From the venue to the catering, you’re planning is filled with constantly asking yourself “how much does that cost.” There are a few things that tend to slip through the cracks when budgeting everything for your big day, and my lead to unnecessary stress. Avoid a stressful mishap by planning ahead with these helpful tips.

1.Marriage License (more…)

Wedding Traditions


When it comes to a wedding there are so many traditions that many brides consider. However, some of those traditions may be “dated” for some soon to be brides. There is some interesting history to some of our favorite wedding traditions and for a non-traditional bride who is looking to take a different route for her wedding experience, these wedding traditions maybe a thing of the past for you.

1. The Bachelorette Party

Traditionally wedding proposals were a public affair announced to the neighborhood and marked the literal transaction between a bride’s father and the groom. A bachelorette party seems to celebrate the loss of single life to become the “old ball and chain.” Not that bachelorette parties aren’t fun, I mean, who doesn’t like day drinking with their best gals? But the meaning of becoming a bride has changed, so why mark the end of anything?

2. The Bridal Shower

A groom used to have to ask a bride’s father for her hand in marriage. If the father approved of the union, then a dowry was made to the groom for his daughter. However, if the union was not approved, the bride was on her own. Seems that being an item up for sale has changed and although it is fun to get some pre wedding-wedding gifts, this tradition has some sticky history.

3. Giving Away The Bride

This tradition does have a lot of sentimental value to a present day bride, but the history behind it is not so special. In a time when women did not have individual rights, fathers would often time arrange marriages for their daughters. Often times holding out for the “highest bidder” aka largest dowry. Women have worked hard for their rights as individuals and a modern world female is not property.

The meaning behind these wedding traditions have since changed. Brides are no longer a piece of property to be handed off to the highest bidder. Each bride will uphold different traditions when it comes to their wedding day and although these mores have had a rocky origin, there is nothing like a happy bride at the end of the day.

Wedding Day Checklist

Your big day has arrived! It’s going to be a crazy day. With getting ready in the morning to getting to the reception. You’ll want to have a day of check lists to get you throughout any unexpected things.

1. Prepare for the unexpected.

You’ll want to plan ahead. If budget allows, ask for a few extras in case something goes missing or gets broken. For example, extra floral arrangements or boutonnieres in case someone forgets. Be sure to pack some extras such as an emergency kit, breath mints, nail file. In case of any malfunctions you’ll want to be prepared.

2. Bring a tissue.

You never know when the water works will start up, so have one ready. You don’t want to be caught with smudgy make up during photos.

3. Contact list.

Have an emergency contact list ready for all the people you may need on the day of. Whether it be the caterer, florist, or wedding planner.

4. Shot list.

You’ll probably have already gone over this with your photographer, but on the day of your wedding things may get chaotic. Have a ready-made list of the shots you want to take so that your photos will be truly spectacular.

5. Locate the rings.

Don’t forget the rings! Have them ready to pass off to the ring bearer or best man so they don’t get left behind.

You can be extra prepared for your big day and have your big day go off without a hitch. It’s going to be one of the biggest days of your life, so make it as perfect as possible!

Soon to be Bride and Bridesmaid


Being a bride is a dream for many women and choosing your bridal party to be a part of the emotional journey is exciting. But what do you do when one of your bridesmaids is also a soon to be bride too? Things can get tricky, but you can make it work with these simple tips!

The Don’ts.

As a bridesmaid it is a big role to take on, but if you’re also a bride to be and want to avoid a disaster and keep a drama free bridal party. Here are things to avoid.

1. Steal ideas from the bride.

There will be a lot of back and forth about wedding planning ie. venues, photographers, dresses, etc. However, don’t scoop what the bride to be is going to be doing for her big day. Although there will be similarities, it’s always better to ask than just take.

2. Forget who the wedding is about.

If you’re a bridesmaid but also a bride to be, don’t forget that you’re there for the bride. Although your big day is also important, keep the bride priority when you’re dealing with her stuff.

3. Be distant.

Make yourself available to the bride. Of course your wedding planning is important, but remember you’ve been chosen to help celebrate someone else’s day.

It will be a juggling act, however, you will both be a part of a great journey of celebration. As a bride you don’t want to create unnecessary drama during your planning or lose sight of what is important.

How To Choose Your Bridal Party


A bridal party is a saving grace to the bride. They are a major support during the wedding planning and ceremony. Narrowing down the pick of bridesmaids can be a difficult choice. You don’t want to let anyone down, but you also have to keep the list short. So, how do you choose your bridal party? When making your list, ask yourself these simple questions to help make your decision.

1.How close are you?

This is the big one. You never want to have someone in your party that is just there to fill a spot. Be sure to ask yourself what your relationship is with this person and how close you both are. If you know this person is a lifelong friend, she/he is a perfect choice!

2.How often do you see each other?

Are you the type of friends that keep in touch regularly? Or more the type that catch up once or twice a year? These are some questions to consider. We all have long distance friends, and that’s okay, however keep these questions in mind when making your picks.

3. Does the friendship make you happy?

Are your hangouts always a good time or are you stressed even thinking of hanging out? You should feel supported and happy with your bridal party through the entire process. Keep the drama away from your wedding planning.

4. Do you feel obligated?

Being in a friend’s wedding doesn’t mean you have to put them in your wedding. Although you don’t want to seem unappreciative or rude, it is ultimately your decision and your wedding. You can always explain your decision if someone is truly upset.

5. Are they family?

Depending on your family may influence your decision. Always consider yours and your fiance’s family members in your decision process.

6. Is she supportive of the engagement?

You don’t want to have negativity surrounding you during your wedding process. You want to surround yourself with a bridal party who will be happy for your upcoming nuptials.
Negativity and drama can be left elsewhere.

At the end of the day, it’s your decision and your big day! Although the process may be difficult, you’ll know who you want to have around you on your big day.

Wedding Planning Tips


There are many afferent ways to get your wedding planning done. To get the most out of your planning, and to keep yourself from going crazy, try these helpful tips!

1. Start With The Perfect Date.

There are a few things you’ll want to consider when picking a date: who is on your guest list and are their any major conflicts. You’ll also want to decide the season of your wedding. Are you a inter person? Summer? Spring? These are all great questions to consider before you pick your perfect date.

2. Wants Vs. Needs.

Consider your wants vs. your needs when it comes to narrowing down the list. This will help you stay on budget and eliminate any unnecessary purchases or added stress while planning. After you have everyone you absolutely need, then you can add some extras.

3. Set A Budget.

Budget, budget, budget. This is one of the hardest things many soon-to-be couples struggle with. As you start the planning process, things add up. But you don’t want to break the bank all on your wedding. Set a budget and stick to it. You’ll be happier for it when all is said and done.

4. Choose A Theme.

Get creative with your wedding. Maybe you and your sweetie share a love for the beach or winter snow. A theme may help you work together with decor planning and color scheme.

5. Don’t Forget Paperwork.

The wedding planning is just a part of what needs to get done for a wedding. Don’t forget your paper work. The marriage license and contracts for vendors are important to remember to finalize everything before the big day.

6. Ask For Help.

Don’t let your pride get in the way. If you need help, ask. Your friends and family will be up for the challenge. You’ll eliminate stress and can focus on other tasks.

7. Set Deadlines.

A great way to keep things on track and check things off your to-do list is to set deadlines. Things like your RSVP list or payments are good tasks to keep on track.

8. Don’t Try To Multitask.

If you’re trying to get too many things done at once, you’ll probably miss the important ones. Take things one at a time so you don’t miss fine details.

9. Personal Touches.

Don’t forget to add personal touches to your wedding day. For example a signature drink or your favorite song. Your guests will love it and your wedding will mean that much more to everyone.

10. Planning Time.

Give yourself enough time to get everything you want done. Don’t add stress to your planning by not giving yourself enough time to search and plan so your big day is extra special.

Wedding planning is an exciting time for all involved. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the ride. Your big day will come up in the blink of an eye.

5 Tips For Your Honeymoon


After the festivities of your big wedding day are over, your next big event is your honeymoon! A time for you and the love of your life to celebrate, relax, and just get away for a few days as a married couple. Planning a honeymoon should be an enjoyable time, and if you have friends who are already married, you’ll probably ask for advice. But there are things you’ll just forget. If you’re planning your wedding and are planning to get away for your honeymoon, we’ve got 5 tips your friends won’t tell you about.

1. You’ll probably forget about it.

With all the wedding craziness you’ll probably forget to set time aside to plan your honeymoon. It’s hard to break for all the wedding planning, but be sure to set time to get your itinerary in order and you’ll be happy when the day comes that you have a mini vacay ready to go.

2. It’s an intimate affair.

You’re not going to notice, but you and your groom will be the typical “just married” couple on your travels, and that’s okay! This is a time for both of you to enjoy and just explode with love. The stress of wedding planning is gone, so you’ll be more relaxed too. Enjoy and treat yourself!

3. You’ll need to adjust emotionally.

You may feel all sorts of emotions the first couple of days into your honeymoon, but don’t worry, it will pass. You’re coming from stressing to thrills from your wedding day so it may take you some time to adjust and just relax. Go with the flow. Let yourself enjoy every moment and try new things!

4. Things may not go as planned.

You may have so many great things planned, but life happens. You may have stayed out on the beach too long and gotten sunburned or taken a tour that just drained you, it’s okay. Although you have things planned, sometimes a nice night in to recover it just what the doctor ordered. Order room service and let the celebration continue indoors.

5. You won’t want to leave.

When all is said and done, you’ll want to keep the romantic bliss going when you get back. Reality will be waiting for you even if you’re not ready. Be sure to plan fun activities, vacations, or dates to keep your romantic feelings alive.

Honeymoon’s are a great time for a newly married couple to get away together and just enjoy their marital bliss. Follow these 5 tips and you’ll be extra prepared during your honeymoon and have the best time!

10 Unexpected First Dance Songs

Picking the perfect song for you and your forever love, for your first dance, is a big deal. It’s the song that describes the love you have for one another and a treat for all your guests to share this special moment. We’ve got a list of the top 10 unexpected first dance songs that will make your guests fall in love all over again.

1. The Bangles “Eternal Flame

2. Ginuwine “Differences

3. Lauryn Hill “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You”

4. Janelle Monae feat. Miguel “Primetime”

5. Bob Marley “Is This Love”

6. Corinee Bailey Rae “Like A Star”

7. The Wallflowers “Closer To You”

8. Arctic Monkeys “Baby I’m Yours”

9. Ray LaMontagne “You Are The Best Thing”

10. Erykah Badu feat. Stephen Marley “In Love With You”

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect song that will describe the love you feel for one another and want to stray from traditional songs, these 10 picks are a great start to have a sweet first dance.

If you’re ready to book your DJ for your wedding, be sure to contact our Waveform team today for more details and have the best playlist for your big day! Contact 1-800-3810736.

Wedding Budget 101


A wedding is a joyous occasion for all attending. You want to provide a great celebration all your guests will remember. But things can quickly add up when you’re big day planning begins. From the venue to the catering, things can quickly spiral if you don’t keep your budget in check. Planning can become expensive, but with these 4 helpful tips, you’ll be sure to stay on track and within your budget for your big day.

1. Treat Yo’self!
You’re going to go through lots of negotiating trying to find the perfect vendor, venue, caterer, etc, and finding the right one that fits your budget will be tough. Treat yo’self during this process. Everyone likes a challenge and sticking to your budget will be a doozy. Set an incentive for yourself when it comes to your budget so that you are more motivated to stay on track.

2. High Stacks.
You won’t be able to have all the high end, designer items for your wedding, but maybe one will do. Choose a “must-have” item that you’d love to have for your wedding. If you stick to your budget or come under budget, add it to your wedding.

3. Accountability Buddy.
If you’re the type who may have no self control, ask a friend to help keep you on track. It’s easier when you have someone holding you accountable for your spending and you’ll thank them in the long run.

4. Keep Saving.
Just because the planning has started and you may be using some of your savings, doesn’t mean you need to stop adding. Create a side savings account as the planning continues to provide a little cushion or emergency fund. In case anything happens or you need a few extra bucks, you’ll have it all planned ahead.

Creating a budget will be hard work, but sticking to your budget will be great for your future. Avoid wedding debt with these great tips and keep yourself on track during your wedding planning!

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