Unique Parent Daughter Dance Songs


As a bride we treasure the moment, at our wedding, when we get to dance and reflect on our lives with our heroes; our parents. Reflecting on your experiences with them as a little girl, teenager, and adult is a moment that will be forever precious. But, what song do you choose to make that moment perfect? We’ve got a unique list of songs that will bring tears to the whole house.

1. “Wildflowers” by Tom Petty
2. “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” by Randy Newman
3. “Little Willow” by Paul McCartney
4. “Teach Your Children” by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
5. “Rainbow Connection” by The Carpenters
6. “If I Should Fall Behind” by Bruce Springsteen
7. “Not Even The King” by Alicia Keys
8. “Child Of Mine” by Carole King
9. “Watch Them Grow” by Zach Gill
10.“My Wish” by Rascal Flatts

Give these songs a listen and create that rare moment with your parents!

What are some other unique songs you’d dance to? Let us know below!

Plan Your Corporate


After an amazing year of hard work, what better way to show your appreciation for your employees than a party! A celebration brings so many people together and is a great way to say “Thank You” for your amazing contribution to your company. With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s a great time to start planning a sensational corporate party! We will help you find the perfect space and entertainment to make sure the night goes off without a hitch! So don’t delay, call us today and surprise your employees with a night of fun and appreciation!

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Capture your moments!


When it comes to a celebrations those is nothing better than capturing the magical moments throughout the festivities. A smile, a laugh, a hug, a snap of the camera will forever lock that memory. But during the celebration, we can get caught up in other things. Whether it be a wedding, a birthday party, or just a get together, if you are hosting, you may not have time to capture those moments. Why not offer your guests and yourself a fun and easy way to create special memories with a photobooth? Add a silly and creative way to get your guest smiling and laughing all day or night long. Customize every detail, from photo strip trim to props, for an epic party.

If you want to add that extra special touch to your upcoming bash, Waveform Events can help make the magic happen. Call today 800-381-0736

Choosing the Right Wedding Planner


Wedding planning can get tricky. You want to find the best in the biz when it comes to Djs, Caterers, and Wedding Planners. Family and friends are always trying to help telling you “I know someone” or “I could do it for you!” Everyone wants to help but some jobs we need to leave those jobs to the professionals. Heres why:

1. May not be reliable. If the person you are trying to hire is flaky or unresponsive to emails or phone calls, it maybe a sigh they are not the person to keep around. The worse thing that can happen is your wedding planner does not show up on the big day.

2. Bad Reviews. Sometimes reviews are not all they seem. Try to look for a diverse collection of reviews on the wedding planner and read the reviews thoroughly. You want reviews that help you understand the person or company you are hiring to best fit your wedding needs. And we always recommend interviewing upon hiring.

3.Inconsistent Pricing. You don’t want to be quoted one thing and end up paying another. You want your wedding planners prices to be clear and equal all year round.

You want to get the best deal in town, but make sure to do your research. At Waveform events, our experts will eliminate the stress of searching for the perfect wedding planner.

If you want that extra love and care during your happy planning, let our experts take care of you!

Wedding Day on a Holiday


Tis the season for our lovely brides and grooms to start planning their memorable day. If you and your love are thinking of planning your nuptials on a holiday such as New Years, Memorial Day, Christmas, or any of the holidays to come, don’t forget those helpful tips to make your planning smooth sailing.

1. Keep it subtle. Don’t let the holiday explode all over your decor. The day is about you and your groom-to-be so keep your themed decor subtle. You want your guests to awe over the beautiful and elegant displays.

2. Give your guests notice. Holiday weddings can get a little hectic. Allow your guests enough time to properly RSVP for your big day. You might even want to think about arranging their overnight stay, if necessary.

3. No (or Limited) seasonal music. Although we would love to shower our guests with holiday cheer, remember they are here to have fun and dance the night away to some crazy good tunes. Leave the holiday parties for work functions.

4. Make your wedding “Black Tie”. Make it an extra special night for you and your guests by making it a black tie affair. Take them back in time to a place of elegance and grace with a classy and formal theme.

5. Signature cocktail. Give your guests a special drink to celebrate your love all night long. This is a great way for you and your groom to get creative and keep the laughs rolling all night long.

Don’t stress about the holidays when planning your wedding reception. Our waveform experts can help eliminate any worries you may have and help you plan the reception of your dreams!

Call today for a free consultations and say “I Do” to the holiday season!

Plan for the Holiday Season


Summer is coming to an end and just around the corner is the holiday season. Treat your seasonal guests to a delightful and epic celebration this year by planning your party with one of our expert coordinators. Throw a spooky and ghoulish Halloween bash featuring themed lighting and and a to-die-for DJ set. Invite your honored guests to a winter wonderland to ring in some Christmas cheer! Whatever your idea, our experts can make your dreams come true. Eliminate your stress and enjoy your holiday bash by booking ahead. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan, let our team help!

Call us and book your consultation today and plan the holiday celebration people will talk about into the new year! 800-381-0736

Event Planning Questions


A bride to be is a superwoman. With all the planning that has to get done; shopping, invites, etc., the job can be a little overwhelming. But do not fear! We have the top questions every bride should ask during her process, whether it be hiring the DJ or booking the venue. These questions will make planning feel like a breeze.

1. How long have you been in business? This classic question can help you determine if a business is worth hiring. With the help of the internet, it’s easier than ever to see business reviews to ensure a secure and reliable booking process.

2. Do you have a portfolio? Whether you are hiring a cake decorator or booking a reception venue, asking for a portfolio or images of recent work can help guarantee you get exactly what you envisioned for your big day!

3. Is there liability insurance? In case something happens, make sure the venue you are celebrating at has a good policy. We can’t predict if any mishaps will happen, however, it’s always great to be covered on all bases.

4. What’s your cancellation policy? Again, we can’t predict what will happen before the big day, however, if you need to cancel a reservation or change the date, make sure the venue you are booking has an easy policy. This goes for all company hires for the big day.

Plan the wedding of your dreams and make your life easy breezy by asking these question before making reservations. Our expert team can help ease your worries. Call us for a consolation and plan the wedding of your dreams. 800-381-0736

What are some questions to ask when booking parties for a wedding? Let us know below.

Summer Wedding Planning


Setting a date is a big step when planning your wedding. The days are hot and the evenings are cool. It’s the perfect beach weather and, of course, has those romantic sunsets. Summer is a popular time of year to say your big “I Dos”. Stay ahead of the game with these helpful tips and plan your perfect summer wedding.

1. Remember to book your venue early! Summer weddings are all the rage and the competition is fierce. Don’t be left in the dust because you waited to long to choose your dream venue. Also, don’t forget about your guests. Summer is filled with other activities and commitments. Give your guests and wedding party time to plan and prepare for your special day.

2. Wedding Dress Decisions. If your wedding is outside, remember to choose a dress that is light and airy, so you aren’t sweeting bullets during the entire wedding.

3. Stay Hydrated. Keep cool and refreshed during your entire ceremony with delicious beverages. Infused water is a great way to spice up your water. Even light refreshments, such as agua fresca or coconut water, will surely keep you and your guests hydrated all day.

4. Guest Accommodations. Remember to keep you happy. Although an outdoor setting is beautiful, not all your guests will agree that sitting outside in the beating hot sun is fun. Consider these few things: host your ceremony outdoors and reception inside or provide canopies over your outdoor seating to give your guests some much needed shade.

A Summer wedding can be a beautiful and romantic affair. Be prepared when booking your perfect venue and avoid wasting time and money.

Need help finding a venue? We can help. Consult with your expert team and let us help you find your perfect location! Call Now! 800-381-0736

How do you prepare for a Summer wedding?

Don’t Stop the Music! : Wedding Music Tips and Tricks


Your guests look forward to shakin’ it on the dance floor. But nothing ruins a good time like an unprepared DJ set. Want to avoid those awkward gaps of bad music during your wedding reception? We have some helpful tips for you and your DJ to keep the party bumping all night long!

Create a request station.
During the reception, allow your guests to request their favorite songs without bombarding the DJ. Set up a “creative station” where your guests can jot down their favorite tunes (on a separate table or perhaps a cute jar next to the DJ booth).

Mix it up!
In order to ensure a fun night on the dance floor for everyone, create a list with your DJ that combines the oldies and today’s hits. But remember, if you have kids at your wedding keep it PG. All this considered, you and your guests will be dancing the night away!

Customize your entrance song.
After the big “I Dos,” give your bridesmaids and groomsmen a special song for their entrance into the reception hall. This will add a personal touch for your whole wedding party. Don’t forget about you and your boo too! Give yourselves an epic song to introduce yourselves as husband and wife. This can even be the intro into your first dance, depending on the order of your evening.

Create the ambience.
During the times your guests are not grooving on the dance floor, make sure to create a special mood throughout the whole reception. Try adding the perfect musical touch to your toasts or during the dinner hours. This is sure to lift the mood and keep your reception light and happy.

Keep your guests, DJ, and yourself happy throughout your wedding reception by providing an epic music playlist. You’re guest won’t be able to keep their happy feet still!

Our professional team can help connect you with the perfect DJ to provide you with the best music line up. Call now for a consultation 800-381-0736!

What are your wedding music tip? Tells us your thoughts below!

Plan Your Next Event with Us!


Thinking of throwing a celebration? Need a place to host your wedding reception? Let our Waveform team help you plan the perfect party! Throw an appreciation bash for your corporate function and provide a fun photo booth for your guests to create those perfect memories. Keep your guests movin’ and groovin’ on the dance floor with one of our DJs amazing mixes. Whatever your party dreams, we can help!

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