10 Engagement To-Dos

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You have found your soul mate. You’ve been together for a while now and you’ve secretly been waiting for the big day when he or she pops the question. Then one day it finally happens! You’re asked to spend the rest of your life with the one you love. You’re in heaven. But then reality sinks in and you realize how much you’ll need to do before the big day. Don’t sweat it! We’ve got the top 10 things to-do right after your engagement, to keep you on track and on budget for the big celebration.

1. Call Parents. First things first, call the parentals. You’re going to be so joyful and elated that you’ll want to blast your engagement to social media, but the worst thing that can happen is your parents finding out via Facebook. They’ll want to hear it straight from the horses mouth rather than online, so make sure to call mom and dad to tell them the big news!

2. Manicure. Before posting your gorgeous engagement ring for all your friends to see, check your hands. Make sure you’ve got your nails on fleek and camera ready so that your ring shines bright.

3. Social Media Update. Post a great ring selfie and update your status to share the good news with your friends and family. Expect your inbox and feed to blow up once you’ve shared the news.

4. Don’t forget to celebrate! A toast to the soon to be groom and bride! Whether you’re planning a big engagement party or want to keep it small, round up some of your closest friends and family and celebrate your engagement. It’s a big step, why not party?

5. Protect your newest asset. Get insurance for your ring. Things happen, whether it be the diamond falling out or dropping down the sink drain, you want to make sure you’re gem is protected from life’s little accidents. It will save you money in the long run.

6. Enjoy the announcement. We know you’ll want to jump right into planning, but take your time. Take a week or two to let it sink in. Relax and enjoy the ride before the planning really has to begin.

7. Wedding date. Start to spitball some date ideas. Nothing has to be set in stone, but it will help you decide which season your wedding will take place during. Try significant dates relevant to your relationship or if it’s more your style, pick a random day.

8. Venue shopping. After all is said and done, it’s time to start the research. Take a look at all the potential venues you’d want to have your wedding at, then narrow down the list to your top 5. Call to get some general information so you have a better idea of what they provide.

9. Budget Plans. This is a big one that many find hard to stick to. Talk with your significant other to determine where you’ll be comfortable budget wise. Everyone wants a Kardashian wedding, but you’ll need to be realistic. Give yourselves an estimate of where you need to be to pull off your dream wedding.

10. Interview wedding planners. Whether you’re having a full blown wedding planner or just the day off coordinator, make sure to do some interviewing. Their resume may be perfect, but if you don’t mesh, it won’t work on your wedding day. Meet and greets are a great way to know if a wedding planner is right for your big day.

Each bride and groom will have their own priorities, but with these helpful tips you two can enjoy a great engagement and celebrate a fabulous wedding, without stressing out (at least too much).

Writing You Vows


A big moment for a bride and groom is standing at the alter reciting their vows. It’s a special moment where it’s just the two of them reminding the other of how much their love means; the vows. Writing vows may be a difficult process for some. We’ve got 7 tips that will help make the writing process simple and easy.

1. Be Yourself. You always want to keep it personal. Don’t pretend to be anything other than you. Be whoever you are, funny, emotional, happy, it’s your time to show your true love. These vows are truly just for your honey, so let the words flow.

2. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Journal of what you love most about your significant other. Whether you sit down and make a list or journal throughout the engagement, take notice of what your significant other does for you.

3. Get inspired. If you’re having trouble thinking of a way to start your vows, draw inspiration from the greats. Read some poems, novels, or find a quote that fits your love’s.

4. Get advice. Look to couples that inspire you. Ask your most inspiring married couple for their best advice and get inspired by their love.

5. Keep it simple and PG. Don’t forget who will be hearing these vows. Although they are for your significant other, don’t forget you have guests listening in. Too much information may ruin the moment.

6. Beware of broken promises. You vows will be remember for a lifetime, so be sure to say what you mean. Don’t make promises you won’t be able to keep.

7. Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse. It will be an emotional moment when you’re facing each other at the alter. Prepare yourself as much as possible so that even through the emotion you can say your vows.

Remember you have to let the emotion happen when you are reading your vows. It’s a special and raw moment between you and your significant other, so don’t fight it. With these great tips, your vows will be great!

Waveform Events For Your Big Day

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If you’ve been looking for a great entertainment for your wedding day, look no further! Contact Waveform events today for the best in the biz. From Emcees to lighting we will make sure your wedding day goes off without a hitch. You won’t have to worry about your guests having a great time with our amazing team!

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10 Creative Ways To Entertain Your Guests

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You want your wedding day to be the most exciting, magical, and fun day of your life. With many of your closest friends and family joining you to share this once in a lifetime moment, you’ll want to make sure they have the time of their life! We’ve got 10 creative ways to keep your guest entertained on your big day that will have them talking about it for years to come!

1. Champagne Bar
Keep it fancy with a fun champagne arrangement with fresh fruit and juices. Your guests will surely love it!

2. Light Up The Dance Floor
Keep the dance floor loose and lit with some fun glow sticks! Your guest won’t resist the urge to jump out on the dance floor to shake their groove thang.

3. Dancing Shoes
Dress shoes can get painful after a few hours of dancing and moving, so why not treat your guests to a little relaxation with their own pair of flip-flops! Your guests won’t have any excuse not to keep grooving all night long.

4. #Makethemshareoninstagram
All your guests will be taking pictures with their smartphones, so give them a wedding hashtag so that you can see the action as it happens all night long!

5. DIY Guest Cards
Leave a fun activity for your guests at each table. Leave a round of fun creative questions for your guests to answer such as “Whats the best marriage advice for newlyweds?”, “What should we name our kids?”, etc…

6. ‘I Spy’ Wedding Game
Give your guests a fun game to play throughout the reception and have them capture some great moments. Don’t forget to give them that special wedding day hashtag.

7. Wedding Mad Libs
Another great game for guests are Madlibs. Customize a page or two for your wedding day and have guests put them in a little box so you can read later at home or put together into a scrapbook.

8. Just for Kids
For those who have kids at their wedding, have a special little goody bag to keep them entertained and having fun all night long.

9. Disposable Camera
Kick it old school with a great disposable camera for your guests to get creative and to capture those unique moments during the reception.

10. Polaroid Selfies
Tie in your guests seating chart with some polaroid selfies so that you can create a memorable guest book later on.

Keep your wedding day fun and light with these great treats for all your guests to enjoy. From a custom hashtag to a creative game, your guests will always remember your big day!

4 “Think Outside The Box” Tips For The Big Day

Being a bride can be overwhelming. There is a lot of planning that goes into your big day! From going wedding dress shopping to arranging the guest list, you days leading up to the wedding will be filled with to do lists, but we’re here to offer you 4 things you may not have thought of, yet. Plus, putting these together can take your mind off of everything you HAVE to do….(seriously! Who doesn’t have fun wandering the toy aisles or spending entire afternoons with your main squeeze?!)

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1. Have a basket of activities or toys for children to play with at your wedding. Keep the kiddos entertained and happy during the ceremony and reception so parents can have fun too!

2. On your RSVPs, leave a line for a request song. Instead of worrying if your music will excite your guests, let your guests have a chance to choose a song that will guarantee they will be movin’ and groovin’ all night long.

3. Ask your caterer to pack up food for you and your significant other. On the day of the wedding, thongs can feel hectic, and many couples forget to/don’t have time to eat. Arrange it with your caterer to make you and your love a little care package so you two can enjoy the food after the party.

4. Planning to take dance lessons to make sure that first dance is epic? Plan ahead! Ballroom lessons should begin at least 2 months in advance. Give yourself time to take in each lesson and practice what you’ve learned, so that your comfortable and confident with each step.

You can never be too prepared when it comes to planning your wedding. With these helpful tips, you will glide into the big day with ease and make the process as smooth as possible during your months of planning. And if the going gets super tough, just remember: you’re marrying your best friend! What could be better than that?

Top 5 Ways To Light Your Wedding

Lighting at a wedding is a very important aspect. From the ceremony to the reception, light can help tell your wedding day story. It helps create the ambiance, romance, and love. If you’re planning your wedding and have lighting on your mind, we’ve got the top 5 ways to light your big day!

1. String Lights


2. Light Bulbs


3. Candles


4. Lanterns


5. Chandeliers


Customize the light on your wedding day and create that dreamy mood you want your guests to experience throughout the evening.

At Waveform Events, we specialize in custom event lighting for special occasions such as weddings, corporate functions, and any other type of occasion. If you’re looking for the perfect lighting, contact our team for more information!

Wedding Ideas to Remember Deceased Loved Ones

A wedding a celebration uniting two families into one. But sometimes some of our loved ones don’t make it to the special occasion. If you’ve lost a loved one before your big day, we have 4 ways you can remember them and feel the love from all walks of life.


1.Picture Display. A great way to display the loved ones you lost, who would have loved to be at your big day, is setting up a table with feature photos of those you lost. Wedding photos or your best moments together are great photos to frame.


2.Engraved Candle Display. Light your table with a special engraved candle holder as way to show your love for those who may have passed. An “In loving memory” or special words they may have said to you before they passed are great ideas.


3. Chair Reservation. Reserve a special seat at your ceremony in honor of the person or persons they may have sat there. A special seat can help create the perfect moment.


4. Lantern Lighting. Light a lantern in honor of your departed loved one(s). Add a little note for guest to read and know who you are remembering on your special night.

Whether you create a small display to honor your deceased loved one(s) or not, the people you have lost before your big day will be with you in spirit. They will be there to share the love and joy your wedding day brings you.

6 Ways To Cut Wedding Planning Stress

Planning your wedding will have many ups and downs. You’re to-do list is ever growing as the day approaches. So how do you keep yourself from staying cool and collected throughout the process? These 6 simple tips can help you stay stress free during the planning process so that you can enjoy the little things.

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1. Organization is your friend. List making will be your friend during the planning process. You will have many things to remember, so keep track of them by sitting down and prioritizing your to-do list. You’ll thank yourself later when the day grows closer.

2. Stay in your comfort zone. Make time to do a relaxing activity that you would normally do. Whether it be a girls night, reading a book, or a relaxing day at the spa, make time for some TLC to help you refocus and decompress from the stress.

3. Don’t try to wear to many hats. You’ll want to take charge of ever detail of planning, but that can get hectic. Ask for help! You’re friend and family will be more than happy to help with your to-do, so utilize them! It will help you keep things moving and shorten your to-do list.

4. Exercise rehearsal dinner restraint. You’re rehearsal dinner should be simple and easy. It’s more of a practice run of the big day anyway, so don’t feel the need to go all out, let your wedding day be the big party day!

5. Designate a wedding-day contact. On the day of your wedding you and your soon-to-be will be preping for the big nuptials. Give someone the role of wedding day contact so that if any last minute decisions need to be made, you don’t have to worry about them.

6. Eat! Many often forget to eat during their big celebration. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the little details. It’s your big day, so enjoy it. Be sure to have a good breakfast and snack throughout the day so you feel good all throughout the day/night.

Help yourself relieve wedding day stress with these helpful tips, so when the big day comes you’re walking on sunshine down the aisle.

If you’re looking for a great wedding planner, contact our team today!

Create A Modern Wedding Registry

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Weddings are a happy time for family, friends, and of course the bride and groom. But there is a lot of planning before the wedding. On thing on your to-do list is your wedding registry. A registry can vary from couple to couple, but if you’re having trouble deciding what your registry should be, these 4 categories can help you decide!

1. Home goods. If you’re looking to add items to your home, your registry should be linked to your top home good choices. From kitchenware to electronics, this is a great way to get some of the items you’re missing.

2. Honeymoon. A great way to fund your honeymoon is to have your guests contribute to the fund. Instead of gifts, let your guests know they can give a donation toward your dream destination. Create an online GoFundMe account to make it easier for guests to donate.

3. Cash Gifts. A modern wedding gift idea is to have guests give you “gift cards” to your favorite places. Perfect for future date nights or a future purchase, cash gifts are a great way for guests to give couples who may not need much for their home!

4. Charity Donations. You may opt for something completely different and have your guests donate to a special cause you and your groom feel passionate about. Instead of gifts, have them donate to your favorite charity.

Whether you need items for your home or opt to donate to a charity, these registry ideas are a helpful tip for your guests to get you the perfect wedding send off gift.

Wedding Planning Secrets Revealed


It’s wedding time! You’ve started planning every detail out. You’ve found the perfect wedding planner and they’re ready to get you moving and grooving for your big day. But your planner has some secrets they are keeping for themselves. Stay ahead of the game with your planner’s secrets!

1) Don’t worry about what people think.
2) Cut back on the flowers and buy wholesale.
3) Bridesmaid’s dresses don’t have to be expensive.
4) Pinterest is your wedded bliss’ number 1 enemy.
5) Can’t afford me? You can still get a planner.
6) Don’t do business with your friends, no matter how much you like them.
7) Your mom is so crazy.
8) We really want to work with you. Even when you’re being a nightmare.
9) Don’t do a cash bar.
10) Read. The. Contract.

Keep these helpful tips in mind during your wedding planning and make sure to ask questions to make your big day epic!

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