Event Planning Questions


A bride to be is a superwoman. With all the planning that has to get done; shopping, invites, etc., the job can be a little overwhelming. But do not fear! We have the top questions every bride should ask during her process, whether it be hiring the DJ or booking the venue. These questions will make planning feel like a breeze.

1. How long have you been in business? This classic question can help you determine if a business is worth hiring. With the help of the internet, it’s easier than ever to see business reviews to ensure a secure and reliable booking process.

2. Do you have a portfolio? Whether you are hiring a cake decorator or booking a reception venue, asking for a portfolio or images of recent work can help guarantee you get exactly what you envisioned for your big day!

3. Is there liability insurance? In case something happens, make sure the venue you are celebrating at has a good policy. We can’t predict if any mishaps will happen, however, it’s always great to be covered on all bases.

4. What’s your cancellation policy? Again, we can’t predict what will happen before the big day, however, if you need to cancel a reservation or change the date, make sure the venue you are booking has an easy policy. This goes for all company hires for the big day.

Plan the wedding of your dreams and make your life easy breezy by asking these question before making reservations. Our expert team can help ease your worries. Call us for a consolation and plan the wedding of your dreams. 800-381-0736

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Summer Wedding Planning


Setting a date is a big step when planning your wedding. The days are hot and the evenings are cool. It’s the perfect beach weather and, of course, has those romantic sunsets. Summer is a popular time of year to say your big “I Dos”. Stay ahead of the game with these helpful tips and plan your perfect summer wedding.

1. Remember to book your venue early! Summer weddings are all the rage and the competition is fierce. Don’t be left in the dust because you waited to long to choose your dream venue. Also, don’t forget about your guests. Summer is filled with other activities and commitments. Give your guests and wedding party time to plan and prepare for your special day.

2. Wedding Dress Decisions. If your wedding is outside, remember to choose a dress that is light and airy, so you aren’t sweeting bullets during the entire wedding.

3. Stay Hydrated. Keep cool and refreshed during your entire ceremony with delicious beverages. Infused water is a great way to spice up your water. Even light refreshments, such as agua fresca or coconut water, will surely keep you and your guests hydrated all day.

4. Guest Accommodations. Remember to keep you happy. Although an outdoor setting is beautiful, not all your guests will agree that sitting outside in the beating hot sun is fun. Consider these few things: host your ceremony outdoors and reception inside or provide canopies over your outdoor seating to give your guests some much needed shade.

A Summer wedding can be a beautiful and romantic affair. Be prepared when booking your perfect venue and avoid wasting time and money.

Need help finding a venue? We can help. Consult with your expert team and let us help you find your perfect location! Call Now! 800-381-0736

How do you prepare for a Summer wedding?

Don’t Stop the Music! : Wedding Music Tips and Tricks


Your guests look forward to shakin’ it on the dance floor. But nothing ruins a good time like an unprepared DJ set. Want to avoid those awkward gaps of bad music during your wedding reception? We have some helpful tips for you and your DJ to keep the party bumping all night long!

Create a request station.
During the reception, allow your guests to request their favorite songs without bombarding the DJ. Set up a “creative station” where your guests can jot down their favorite tunes (on a separate table or perhaps a cute jar next to the DJ booth).

Mix it up!
In order to ensure a fun night on the dance floor for everyone, create a list with your DJ that combines the oldies and today’s hits. But remember, if you have kids at your wedding keep it PG. All this considered, you and your guests will be dancing the night away!

Customize your entrance song.
After the big “I Dos,” give your bridesmaids and groomsmen a special song for their entrance into the reception hall. This will add a personal touch for your whole wedding party. Don’t forget about you and your boo too! Give yourselves an epic song to introduce yourselves as husband and wife. This can even be the intro into your first dance, depending on the order of your evening.

Create the ambience.
During the times your guests are not grooving on the dance floor, make sure to create a special mood throughout the whole reception. Try adding the perfect musical touch to your toasts or during the dinner hours. This is sure to lift the mood and keep your reception light and happy.

Keep your guests, DJ, and yourself happy throughout your wedding reception by providing an epic music playlist. You’re guest won’t be able to keep their happy feet still!

Our professional team can help connect you with the perfect DJ to provide you with the best music line up. Call now for a consultation 800-381-0736!

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Plan Your Next Event with Us!


Thinking of throwing a celebration? Need a place to host your wedding reception? Let our Waveform team help you plan the perfect party! Throw an appreciation bash for your corporate function and provide a fun photo booth for your guests to create those perfect memories. Keep your guests movin’ and groovin’ on the dance floor with one of our DJs amazing mixes. Whatever your party dreams, we can help!

Contact our team to plan your celebration today! 1-800-381-0736

Wedding Day Checklist


Planning for your big day is a long, but wonderful process. Whether you are the DIY type or hiring professional help, you deserve the right to want the perfect wedding! Keep yourself organized and on track with this simple checklist and get your booty to the altar stress (or almost) free.

Wedding Checklist:

1. Research: Do your homework. Visit some of your favorite wedding websites and get inspired for your big day. Having some references, photos, or links can help easily portray what you and your fiance want your big day to look like.

2. To Dos: Have a checklist for your checklist. Break your tasks down. Keep things simple and organized by tackling your to dos little by little.

3. Manage your Budget: You want your big day to dazzle, but not break the bank doing so. Discuss your price range and stick to it. By doing so you can figure out where you can tweak your costs and save a little money.

4. Guest List: It would be so lovely to invite your whole Facebook friends list to your wedding to celebrate your joyous day, but it just can’t be. Deciding how many people you want to invite can help determine your budget, venue size, food options, and so much more.

5. Seating Chart: Once you’ve established who will be attending your wedding its time to decide seating arrangements. You can keep it loose and have people seat themselves, or mix it up by grouping your guest together by theme, interest, or who they know!

6. Venue: Your venue can depend on your wedding theme, guest attendees, or other factors. Not to worry! Our experts are here to help you find the best location for your celebration!

Planning your wedding will be a beautiful journey. Let us help you realize your dreams!

Contact our expert Wave Planners for an appointment today! 800-381-0736

What wedding day checklists tips do you have? We’d love to know!

Engagement Party Tips: How to Make your Engagement Party Stand Out.


Your wedding may be one of the biggest moments of your life. Planning isn’t easy, but even before the big day, there are a few pre celebrations to think of . One of those being the engagement party. The minute you say “yes!” the wheels start turning in the planning department. Make your engagement soiree memorable for the two of you with these simple tips!

Invitations will set the mood. Designing a perfected invitation can tell your guest the details of the evening. Whether it is a casual or formal party, invitations will inform your guests on how to prepare for the evening.

Be Romantic. Whether you throw your party at home or at a venue, create simple yet elegant decor. Add soft string lights or candles and allow your guest to share your love all evening long.

Easy Food and Drinks. Finger foods and light dishes are a great way to keep your engagement party casual and effortless. Try a “build your own” buffet or give your guest a signature drink they can sip on all night. Again, choose items YOU would enjoy. After all, this is about the two of you.

Personal Touches. Add special touches to make the celebration unique. Add monograms to your decor or create a hashtag to allow your guests to share all their photos. Bring in video or pictures or items that reflect the two of you and your relationship from the beginning to now and showcase your love. Whatever the case, little details such as those can really make your party memorable.

Keep it Simple. Although you and your loved one may want to go all out on your engagement party, remember the big celebration is for your wedding day. Don’t go crazy with the number of people you invite. Keep it to those you are closest with. Also, decorations, food, etc., should stay simple and downplayed to what your big day may look like.

Your engagement party should pave the way to your big day. Although the party may not be as bold, you can still keep your guests talking about it for years to come with these easy tips.

What are you engagement party plans? Don’t have any? We can help! Tells us about your engagement party plans! Comments below.

Plan Your Next Event With Us

Have a plan to end the Summer in an epic way? Need a place to host a graduation party? Trying to decide where to hold your company’s award ceremony? Look no further! Our expert team can get the job done for you. Our team of planners can help you design your event and make it the best party ever! Keep your guest grooving on the dance floor with one of our talented DJs or add a special touch by providing a Photo Booth your guests can get silly in! Whatever your vision, we can help you! Call us today and consult with one of our expert planners.

Let us know how you plan to make your next event spectacular! Comment below!

The Simple Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Graduation Party


A college graduation is a special day for everyone. From grandparents to friends, this joyous day is time for celebration. We all look forward to hosting a fun and memorable graduation party, so to avoid any party fouls, remember these dos and don’ts during your planning.

Do: Decide your guest list. This can be the toughest decision. We all want to share our special party with everyone we know, but sometimes it can’t be done. Make a decision early on about who you will be inviting to your party. Will it be just family? Just friends? Or a tasteful mix of both? Establish your guest list early on to keep things simple and organized.

Don’t: Stress the Small Stuff. A common mistake all party hosts face is getting caught up in all the little details of the party. From decorations to music, it’s sometimes hard to step back and just enjoy the party. Try to spend time mingling with your guests to create memorable moments.

Do: Provide interactive games. If you are blending two groups together, keep your guests laughing with some unique and fun games. Create a table of guessing games or have your guests write down their relationship to the graduate, like how they meet. This will make it easy for guests to find common ground and mingle.

Don’t: Forget to Say Thank you! After all is done, send your guests a special thank you card telling them how much it meant to have them celebrate your graduation with you.

Let us know your memorable graduation party experiences below!

Treat your guest on your special day

A way into anyones heart…FOOD! We all look forward to the delicious treats a wedding has to offer and can’t wait to indulge. Whether it be for cocktail hour or the reception try these unique appitizers and impress your guest from beginning to end!

Mini Me. Create a unique menu of some of yours and your significant others favorite “junkfood”, but in mini form. Dishes like pizza, burgers, or dessert are all great bites.  Little bite size dishes can keep things fresh and bold throughout your special day.

Pairings. Pair your favorite appetizer with a personalize wedding drink. A perfect way to bring both food and drink to the table, pairings can spice up any wedding day. Get creative and impress your guests!

Treats to go. When your special day has come to an end, offer a late night treats to go, so your guest can enjoy your wedding even on the ride home! Milk and cookies or sliders and fries are great on the go eats.

Late Night Breakfast. Everyone loves to hit Denny’s or Ihop after a night of fun drinking and dancing. Why not offer your guest some great breakfast grub that they can indulge in before the end of the night. Or offer it to go for those who what to keep the party going all the way home.

Food Truck Alley. Go big and offer an array of your favorite food from your favorite food trucks. Food trucks are all the rage, so if you are looking of a bold and innovative way to dazzle your guests, bring the food to them!

Weddings are a special day to celebrate with those you love. Make your guests talk about your wedding for years to come with these cool and yummy eats.

Best Songs for any celebration— Top 10 Songs to include on your playlist.


One of the most important things a good DJ must have is a rockin’ playlist. Whether its for a wedding or a corporate event getting people on the dance floor, moving and grooving, is the ultimate goal. Get the party started and keep the party people dancing with these top 10 must have songs for any celebration!

Playlist Must Haves:

1. Don’t Stop Believing: Journey

2. Shout: The Isley Brothers

3. Yeah: Usher feat. Lil Jon and Ludacris

4. Low: Flo Rida feat. T-Pain

5. Hey Ya: Outkast

6. Get the Party Started: Pink

7. Sexy Back: Justin Timberlake

8. Hot in Herre: Nelly

9. Celebration: Kool and the Gang

10. Let’s Get It Started: Black Eyed Peas

So get your booty on the dance floor and groove to these sick beats! Consult today and book your next DJ!

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