5 Way To Coordinate Your Holiday Plans With Family


You’ve finally tied the knot and joined a new family. But how do you deal with the holiday season? Each of your families has their traditions, and you’ll want to start your new traditions as well. There will be a fine balance of making everyone feel the love and coordinating the perfect celebrations. These 5 tips will keep you organized and make sure everyone is happy this holiday season.

1. Communicate with each other first before getting the families involved.

Be sure to talk about what you both want as a couple for the holidays. Don’t commit to anything unless both of you are on the same page. You may not be able to attend all holiday celebrations, so decide which family gets which day. It will be the best solution to keeping the peace between everyone. If you can’t decide, maybe hosting the celebrations at your humble abode can bring new traditions in the mix!

2. Which traditions are your favorite with each family?

As you’ve grown up, you’ve decided what your favorite holiday is with your family. As you’ve come together you’ve experience each other’s traditions equally. Now that you’re married, you will have to decide who’s traditions you love more on which holiday. Hopefully each family loves a different holiday tradition so your decision (or at least your compromise) is easy.

3. Compromising is key.

As much as you’d love to do it all, sometimes it just won’t work. Your families will hopefully understand your decisions, but let them know you’ve come up with a compromise that should appease (almost) everyone.

4. Unite the families.

Be sure to let everyone know your decision was made by both you and your honey so that nobody is thrown under the bus. Saying something like “Adam is making us spend New Years with his family…” can put a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Communicating with everyone and making each family feel involved will really keep the harmony during the holiday season.

5. Stay Together

Again, you may not be able to please everyone, but going your separate ways is not the solution. The holidays are about family and joy and splitting up just to make everyone happy may be a bad idea. Whether you can make it to Aunt Sheila’s X-Mas celebration or not, the decision should be to attend together, no matter what.

You may have some tough choices to make during the most wonderful time of the year, but as long as you both communicate openly, your new holiday traditions can live on for years to come.