3 Things To Consider When Writing Your Thank You Notes

Your big day is over. You’ve gotten married, gone on your honeymoon and returned to your home sweet home and settled back into your daily life. But your work isn’t done yet; now you have to send out the thank you notes. Whether you had a large wedding or a small quaint ceremony, thank you notes are a great way to show your appreciation to everyone who came out. Here are 3 things to consider when writing your notes:

1. Make them personalized.

You’ll want to make each of your guests feel special, after all, they came to celebrate a very special day with you. Personalize each thank you note to each couple or party to make them feel the love, even after the celebration has ended.

2. Be enthusiastic.

Be sure to make your note seem grateful, appreciative, and happy. You don’t want to make a guest that attended your wedding feel like they were just another person on a list. Make your thank you not as genuine as possible.

3. Thank them for the gift.

Be sure to mention their gift. You’ll probably have opened a ton of gifts, cards, etc, so be sure to mention you received their gift and thank them for the wonderful surprise. They will appreciate your gratitude.

Thank you notes may seem like a drag, but going the extra mile to let your wedding guests know you are thankful and happy they were there to celebrate your big day will make them feel special and loved.