4 Things To Do For Your Second Wedding

Maybe your first time down the aisle wasn’t the forever you originally planned for. That’s okay! Another chance at love has come your way, but what do you do if this is your second or third wedding? You’ve done the traditional wedding thing and feel your second time can be different. No matter what you decide, your wedding day is still your big day, so your second wedding can be just as special. Here are a few ways to plan.

1. Plan The Details Together

If you and your partner have been married before, planning may get tricky. But not to fear. Find a unique way to make this wedding different from your previous nuptials. Both of you are looking for a fresh start, planning together can be a great way to bond even more before the big day.

2. Make It A Family Affair

Include your family in the wedding traditions. If you and your significant other have kids, consider giving them roles in the ceremony or the reception. Including them in the bridal party or having them give toasts are great ways to make them feel involved. Besides, who better to tell funny stories about you than your kids?!

3. Think Big

Get creative! If you’ve done the traditional ceremony, this time around find new ways to celebrate love. Maybe you wear a colorful wedding dress instead of the classic white, or you have an intimate cocktail reception with lots of fun food and drinks for your guest to enjoy. The possibilities are endless!

4. Wedding Registry

You probably already have what you need to start your new home. So your registry can be different. Maybe you have a home improvement registry to help fix some of your homes minor needs. Or you can have guests directly donate to your favorite charity! Lots of couple also are opting to have guests contribute to a “honeyfund” to help pay for the honeymoon. Who needs new flatware when you can go on vacation?! Whatever you decide, your wedding registry can be anything but traditional.

No matter what number wedding day this is for you, it doesn’t mean it has to be any less special. Go all out for your new-found love. Whether you stick to tradition or go a different route, make your wedding day as special as you both are!