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Picking the right dj

We’ve had quite a few couples come to us last minute this year complaining that their dj wasn’t working out.  Perhaps they aren’t returning calls, perhaps they aren’t working well with other vendors, perhaps they are dropping out at the last minute.  My heart goes out to these couples because, by the time they come to us, we and all of our respected fellow dj referrals are usually booked out.

One thing all of these unfortunate couples have in common, they chose their dj, not because they felt that the fit was right, but because they found a better deal.  Look, I’m not saying that all inexpensive djs are bad, nor am I saying that all high end djs are great, but the old cliche is often true, you get what you pay for.

You see djs, and wedding vendors in general, aren’t coming up with their rates to gouge the client, far from it.  We are providing a higher level of service, including user friendly websites, online communication, high quality equipment with backups in place, full insurance, all of the little details you, as a client, are looking for to determine who is the right person to represent you at your one and only wedding day.

Problem is when the budget gets in the way.  Of course, times are tight for everyone, and we all have to be aware of where our money is going.  I don’t blame couples for being concerned with the bottom line.  However, there are tons of inexperienced folks out there, looking to earn a few extra bucks on the weekend, and these folks have no qualms about cutting corners, and doing the least amount of work necessary to get through the event.

I guess the rule of thumb is, trust your instincts.  If you have a bad vibe about this person, move on.  If you feel good about them, they may just be worth that extra money.  You don’t want to be that bride or groom that contacts us last minute, desperate because your dj is flaking, or just not working out.  Because last minute, the good vendors are already booked.


Our new Website!

I probably should have blogged about this last week, as that’s when we launched the thing, but I’ve always been one to do things my own way.  Or maybe just the way I felt like doing it at the time.

Whatever.  In any case, we here at Waveform Events are proud to launch our brand spankin’ new website!  Which, of course, you already know, as you’re reading this blog right now.

So what’s the point of blogging about it?  Perhaps it’s to show off our new gallery section.  Or to bring to your attention our videos of past events. Or so you can check out our new staff profiles.  I don’t know, why does anybody blog about their websites in the first place?

Do they even?  Am I serving any purpose by blogging about a site you’re already on?  Perhaps not.  On the other hand, perhaps you just like reading dj blogs.  Or blogs written by folks in the events industry.  Or maybe you just like reading any old blog.  I don’t know, you tell me, you’re the one reading this.

Oh wait, I know why I blogged about our new site.  It’s because we’re always looking to improve it.  If you have any ideas or see anything you think might need fixing or could be done a little better, let us know.  We have a very friendly staff (most of us) here at Waveform Events, and we’ll treat you right, don’t worry.  Drop us a line let us know what you think.

So there you have it, our blog celebrating our new website.  Now go enjoy it, you crazy blog readers, all of you!