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5 Reasons You Should “Hashtag” Your Big Day!

Waveform Blog Hashtag your day
 1). With social media you can create a hashtag for your wedding or event and have access to every picture everyone posts for your wedding. Let everyone know the hashtag, including the photographer, for catching and posting some amazing candid and off-the-cuff pics.


Blog pic
2). You won’t miss a thing! With everyone involved in taking pictures and posting, you can be in the moment without missing anything, including the fun goings-on that you’re friends are into at the reception, while you are having to do your receiving line and bridal/groom duties.

blog 4


3). You get to be a celebrity for a day! And let’s face it, who really hasn’t wanted to be! FUN!


4). Guests can upload shots to a private fb page for the wedding or event. It gets others involved and there’s a fun place to come back to for wedding/event stories and pics.
5). With all the candid shots everyone is taking, you get meaningful instant decor and design for your home! It’s easy to turn Instagrams into home art using sites like Prinstagram and Shutterfly. Turn everyone’s smart phone pics into everything from fridge magnets to wall calendars. 
 What are some more ways to involve your guests and social media in your wedding or event? Have you tried it? Let us know what you think!


5 Reasons You Need a Photo Booth at Your Wedding or Event


1). Photo booths can get everyone active at your event! Down time between speakers, while the DJ is setting up, or while wedding party is taking pictures, a photo booth ensures guests of all ages are left entertained.



photobooth shot 3





2). Photos are perfectly suitable souvenirs or party favors. Your guests not only
have a great time choosing their silly hats and other props to model in, but walk
away with their pictures on the spot, and your name/event name and date can be
printed, as well!






3). Easy and inexpensive way to record an event for all involved. Since the guests keep their photos, they are pleased. And with many photo booth packages, the party thrower and investor (ie. Bride/groom, corporate) can get digital copies of all the photos taken, so you’ll never miss out!



photobooth shot 2



4). Not everyone likes to get out and dance (and those that do will need to take
a break from cutting a rug at some point). Having a luxury photo booth will
provide your guests a nice escape and still allows them to get as goofy as they
want in the booth! Old, young, in between..all can participate.





5). Creates another party within the party by creating an atmosphere of fun and
joy for your event. You can also let your event go VIRAL with social media options
since you receive the pictures almost immediately! What’s that saying? “Ain’t no
party like an Instagram party….”


Waveform photobooth













What about you? What’s your “photo booth photo style”? Fun, elegant, selfie?