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Wedding Ring To-Dos

You’ve finally been asked the big question, and you get the ring you’ve always wanted. What now? There are a few things to do now that you have that beautiful rock. You’ll want to keep it safe and shining bright forever, so these 3 tips will help you keep your ring safe.

1. Insurance

Life happens and there are some things we can’t control. Damages, losing the diamond, dents. You’ll want to keep your ring protected over the years, so contact an appraiser to see what your rock is worth and get it insured. Getting jewelry insurance will protect your gem from life’s unexpected events.

2. Safe Keepings

There will be some instances where you won’t be able to wear your ring, which means you’ll need to take it off. Although the best way to keep it safe is to keep it on you at all times, if the time comes you need to take your ring, be sure to set it on a safe spot. For instance in a jewelry dish on your dresser.

3. Routine Cleanings

Your ring will become an extension of you and since you use your hands for everything, whatever gets on your hands will probably get on your ring. At least once a year, get your ring professionally cleaned. Although it is tempting to clean it yourself, you run the risk of damaging your gem in the process and missing dirt you may not see.

Your ring is a representation of your love that will need nurturing and care for it forever. Keep your ring safe with these easy to-dos to keep your diamond shining bright.

Wedding Cake Alternatives

Non-traditional weddings are more and more common these days. It’s not the “white wedding” at a church, with a traditional reception. Brides and grooms these days are looking to add unique and alternative touches to their weddings. One way to stray from the pack is changing the wedding cake. Cutting the cake is a traditional activity many weddings have. But if you’re a non-traditional couple, these alternative wedding cake ideas will set you apart and surprise your guests in the best way.

1.Candy Bar

Treat your guest to a lush and extravagant array of your favorite sweets. From gummy bears to sweet chocolate treats, your guest will love the idea of building their own goodie bag. Bring out the “kid in a candy store” smiles with this great set up.

2.Chocolate Fountain

If you’re looking for elegance, but want to add a fun little touch, try a chocolate fountain. Keep things simple with a light array of dipping arrangements such as fruit, marshmallows, or crispy treats. Who needs a cake when you can dip into chocolate?

3. Pie Station


Not cake fans? Go with a selection of your favorite pies! A great and unique option to break wedding cake traditions is pie. From fruit filled to key lime and everything in between, you’ll give your guests something to talk about with a crispy and sweet slice of pie.

4. Cupcakes

A tower of cupcakes is a great way to treat guests to a little sweetness. If you can’t decide on a favorite flavor, not to worry! With cupcakes you can choose several different options, which will be a real crowd pleaser.

Stray from the traditional and create your own unique style. Customize your flavors and designs and have the “wedding cake” of your dreams with these alternative sweets!