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10 Engagement To-Dos

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You have found your soul mate. You’ve been together for a while now and you’ve secretly been waiting for the big day when he or she pops the question. Then one day it finally happens! You’re asked to spend the rest of your life with the one you love. You’re in heaven. But then reality sinks in and you realize how much you’ll need to do before the big day. Don’t sweat it! We’ve got the top 10 things to-do right after your engagement, to keep you on track and on budget for the big celebration.

1. Call Parents. First things first, call the parentals. You’re going to be so joyful and elated that you’ll want to blast your engagement to social media, but the worst thing that can happen is your parents finding out via Facebook. They’ll want to hear it straight from the horses mouth rather than online, so make sure to call mom and dad to tell them the big news!

2. Manicure. Before posting your gorgeous engagement ring for all your friends to see, check your hands. Make sure you’ve got your nails on fleek and camera ready so that your ring shines bright.

3. Social Media Update. Post a great ring selfie and update your status to share the good news with your friends and family. Expect your inbox and feed to blow up once you’ve shared the news.

4. Don’t forget to celebrate! A toast to the soon to be groom and bride! Whether you’re planning a big engagement party or want to keep it small, round up some of your closest friends and family and celebrate your engagement. It’s a big step, why not party?

5. Protect your newest asset. Get insurance for your ring. Things happen, whether it be the diamond falling out or dropping down the sink drain, you want to make sure you’re gem is protected from life’s little accidents. It will save you money in the long run.

6. Enjoy the announcement. We know you’ll want to jump right into planning, but take your time. Take a week or two to let it sink in. Relax and enjoy the ride before the planning really has to begin.

7. Wedding date. Start to spitball some date ideas. Nothing has to be set in stone, but it will help you decide which season your wedding will take place during. Try significant dates relevant to your relationship or if it’s more your style, pick a random day.

8. Venue shopping. After all is said and done, it’s time to start the research. Take a look at all the potential venues you’d want to have your wedding at, then narrow down the list to your top 5. Call to get some general information so you have a better idea of what they provide.

9. Budget Plans. This is a big one that many find hard to stick to. Talk with your significant other to determine where you’ll be comfortable budget wise. Everyone wants a Kardashian wedding, but you’ll need to be realistic. Give yourselves an estimate of where you need to be to pull off your dream wedding.

10. Interview wedding planners. Whether you’re having a full blown wedding planner or just the day off coordinator, make sure to do some interviewing. Their resume may be perfect, but if you don’t mesh, it won’t work on your wedding day. Meet and greets are a great way to know if a wedding planner is right for your big day.

Each bride and groom will have their own priorities, but with these helpful tips you two can enjoy a great engagement and celebrate a fabulous wedding, without stressing out (at least too much).

Writing You Vows


A big moment for a bride and groom is standing at the alter reciting their vows. It’s a special moment where it’s just the two of them reminding the other of how much their love means; the vows. Writing vows may be a difficult process for some. We’ve got 7 tips that will help make the writing process simple and easy.

1. Be Yourself. You always want to keep it personal. Don’t pretend to be anything other than you. Be whoever you are, funny, emotional, happy, it’s your time to show your true love. These vows are truly just for your honey, so let the words flow.

2. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Journal of what you love most about your significant other. Whether you sit down and make a list or journal throughout the engagement, take notice of what your significant other does for you.

3. Get inspired. If you’re having trouble thinking of a way to start your vows, draw inspiration from the greats. Read some poems, novels, or find a quote that fits your love’s.

4. Get advice. Look to couples that inspire you. Ask your most inspiring married couple for their best advice and get inspired by their love.

5. Keep it simple and PG. Don’t forget who will be hearing these vows. Although they are for your significant other, don’t forget you have guests listening in. Too much information may ruin the moment.

6. Beware of broken promises. You vows will be remember for a lifetime, so be sure to say what you mean. Don’t make promises you won’t be able to keep.

7. Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse. It will be an emotional moment when you’re facing each other at the alter. Prepare yourself as much as possible so that even through the emotion you can say your vows.

Remember you have to let the emotion happen when you are reading your vows. It’s a special and raw moment between you and your significant other, so don’t fight it. With these great tips, your vows will be great!