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Create A Modern Wedding Registry

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Weddings are a happy time for family, friends, and of course the bride and groom. But there is a lot of planning before the wedding. On thing on your to-do list is your wedding registry. A registry can vary from couple to couple, but if you’re having trouble deciding what your registry should be, these 4 categories can help you decide!

1. Home goods. If you’re looking to add items to your home, your registry should be linked to your top home good choices. From kitchenware to electronics, this is a great way to get some of the items you’re missing.

2. Honeymoon. A great way to fund your honeymoon is to have your guests contribute to the fund. Instead of gifts, let your guests know they can give a donation toward your dream destination. Create an online GoFundMe account to make it easier for guests to donate.

3. Cash Gifts. A modern wedding gift idea is to have guests give you “gift cards” to your favorite places. Perfect for future date nights or a future purchase, cash gifts are a great way for guests to give couples who may not need much for their home!

4. Charity Donations. You may opt for something completely different and have your guests donate to a special cause you and your groom feel passionate about. Instead of gifts, have them donate to your favorite charity.

Whether you need items for your home or opt to donate to a charity, these registry ideas are a helpful tip for your guests to get you the perfect wedding send off gift.

Wedding Planning Secrets Revealed


It’s wedding time! You’ve started planning every detail out. You’ve found the perfect wedding planner and they’re ready to get you moving and grooving for your big day. But your planner has some secrets they are keeping for themselves. Stay ahead of the game with your planner’s secrets!

1) Don’t worry about what people think.
2) Cut back on the flowers and buy wholesale.
3) Bridesmaid’s dresses don’t have to be expensive.
4) Pinterest is your wedded bliss’ number 1 enemy.
5) Can’t afford me? You can still get a planner.
6) Don’t do business with your friends, no matter how much you like them.
7) Your mom is so crazy.
8) We really want to work with you. Even when you’re being a nightmare.
9) Don’t do a cash bar.
10) Read. The. Contract.

Keep these helpful tips in mind during your wedding planning and make sure to ask questions to make your big day epic!