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4 “Think Outside The Box” Tips For The Big Day

Being a bride can be overwhelming. There is a lot of planning that goes into your big day! From going wedding dress shopping to arranging the guest list, you days leading up to the wedding will be filled with to do lists, but we’re here to offer you 4 things you may not have thought of, yet. Plus, putting these together can take your mind off of everything you HAVE to do….(seriously! Who doesn’t have fun wandering the toy aisles or spending entire afternoons with your main squeeze?!)

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 2.05.53 PM

1. Have a basket of activities or toys for children to play with at your wedding. Keep the kiddos entertained and happy during the ceremony and reception so parents can have fun too!

2. On your RSVPs, leave a line for a request song. Instead of worrying if your music will excite your guests, let your guests have a chance to choose a song that will guarantee they will be movin’ and groovin’ all night long.

3. Ask your caterer to pack up food for you and your significant other. On the day of the wedding, thongs can feel hectic, and many couples forget to/don’t have time to eat. Arrange it with your caterer to make you and your love a little care package so you two can enjoy the food after the party.

4. Planning to take dance lessons to make sure that first dance is epic? Plan ahead! Ballroom lessons should begin at least 2 months in advance. Give yourself time to take in each lesson and practice what you’ve learned, so that your comfortable and confident with each step.

You can never be too prepared when it comes to planning your wedding. With these helpful tips, you will glide into the big day with ease and make the process as smooth as possible during your months of planning. And if the going gets super tough, just remember: you’re marrying your best friend! What could be better than that?

Top 5 Ways To Light Your Wedding

Lighting at a wedding is a very important aspect. From the ceremony to the reception, light can help tell your wedding day story. It helps create the ambiance, romance, and love. If you’re planning your wedding and have lighting on your mind, we’ve got the top 5 ways to light your big day!

1. String Lights


2. Light Bulbs


3. Candles


4. Lanterns


5. Chandeliers


Customize the light on your wedding day and create that dreamy mood you want your guests to experience throughout the evening.

At Waveform Events, we specialize in custom event lighting for special occasions such as weddings, corporate functions, and any other type of occasion. If you’re looking for the perfect lighting, contact our team for more information!