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3 Ways To Know You’ve Found Your Perfect Dress


Finding the perfect wedding dress is every girl’s dream. Getting to dress up in some of the most beautiful gowns on the market and sharing the magical moment with your closest loved ones is a pivotal part of the wedding planning process! However, with so many to choose from, and with the occasional pushy salespeople who work on commission per dress sold, it can get extremely overwhelming. These 3 tips might help you determine which dress is “the one.”

1. You’ve seen all your options
You may have a particular style in mind, like a trumpet skirt or a-line fit, but be sure to try dresses you wouldn’t have normally considered. You want to make sure you’ve tried on different types of dresses to ensure you’re weeding out the ones you won’t like.

2. It’s Comfortable
Unless you have an outfit change planned, you’ll be wearing your wedding dress all night, so you’ll want it to move with you comfortably all night long. Be sure it fits in the right places and is comfy during all your wedding traditions– so DON’T be afraid to speak up at your alterations appointment!

3. You’re making smart decisions
Just because your favorite celebrity wore the same dress, it doesn’t mean it’s the one for you. Be sure to choose a dress because it works for you and makes you feel like a million bucks. Don’t let others dictate your choice either. Just because mom doesn’t approve, doesn’t mean it’s the wrong choice for you. It it makes you feel great and you can just see yourself walking down the aisle to say your “I Do,” then it might be the only one for you!

Finding the perfect dress will be a magical time for you as a bride and with these tips your search will be made easier. Remember it is your big day, choose the best fit and cut for you so that your big day is perfect.

What Foods To Avoid Before Your Wedding Day

Every bride wants to feel and look their best on the big day. Whether you have a workout regimen or are sticking to a healthy meal plan, there are still some foods that may make you feel bloated. Avoid these foods before your wedding to feel your best!

1. Junk Food

This may be a given, but all that saturated fat and sodium will make your body feel awful. Sometimes we need to indulge, but having fatty foods too often is not good for your digestive system, especially before the big day.

2. Beans

Although there are health benefits to this great food, beans will cause your body to produce gas throughout your digestive system. Choose a different form of protein that is more lean to keep your gas at bay.

3. Artificial Sweetener

Artificial or regular sugars can lead to bloating and discomfort. This can mean your digestive system will be out of whack on the big day. If you haven’t already, try to cut out as much sugar as possible so that your body is alert and feeling in top shape.

4. Carbonated Beverages


Carbonation expands your stomach which will make your feel bloated and, not to mention, the amount of sugar some carbonated drinks may have; i.e. soda, champagne, fizzy drinks. If it’s full of bubbles, don’t drink it. Your body will thank you later.

5. Alcohol


Alcohol may taste good in the moment, but it will leave you feeling like a giant puffball the next day. Save your toast for the big reception dinner (you’ll thank us later).

Avoiding these 5 foods won’t work miracles, but it will help you stay on track and keep your body healthy so that you feel your best!