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Having Guests Without Stress




Waveform Blog No stress guests


Whether you’re having a big wedding, a 50th anniversary party in your backyard, or a graduation blowout, these simple tips give you a leg up on a stress-less evening of celebratory fun!















Waveform DJ

1) Get the Music Right

If you are 30 but your guests include 65-year-olds, they might not appreciate your favorite kind of music. Work with your DJ to get your music and theme customized for your whole event. Remember, your DJ has done this before, so they’ll know how to incorporate everyone’s tastes. Plus, they can adjust accordingly during the party and even turn the inevitable lull into magic moments.





Waveform lighting room

2) Get the Lighting Right

Nobody looks good with bright overhead fluorescent lighting, and nothing kills a party quicker than bright lights. Dim lighting makes everyone look better. Make your setting intimate – even with 200 people there! Add in candlelight. It is truly sexy and let’s face it, everyone DOES looks better in candlelight. Take the plunge and change it up with beautiful candle-laden center pieces, strings of mystical white lights, overhead lanterns, or mason jar light trees. Your magical evening will be memorable.





waveform drinks

3) Have Signature Cocktails

Make a signature cocktail to the theme or mood of the party. Have appropriate glasses, garnishes and buckets of ice. Cute or hand-stamped cocktail napkins keep your theme alive. It sets the tone of your celebration whether it’s a wedding, anniversary party, or a graduation. Even non-alcoholic cocktails are fun! Make sure pitchers of water with lemons and limes and pretty water glasses are available. If the tap water is terrible, have jugs of spring water. The more hydrated and happy your guests are in the water and non-water ways, the more distinctive your party, whether for 10 or 300. The care is always in the details when it comes to parties.





waveform food on platters

4) Serve Easy, Impressive Food

Food is sometimes the life-force of a party. Good food = good party. Boring food = well, you get the idea. But keep it simple. Some ideas are:

Make sure any pre-made food is on elegant or interesting serving platters, or in pretty bowls that fit the theme of your bash.

Have your caterer, or you, add fresh chopped herbs to pre-made dips to brighten and doctor them.

Have an interesting cheese platter. Simply and lovely.

Create a simple antipasta-like dish by filling ramekins with olives, feta cheese, Parmesan, dried Italian meats, sundried tomatoes and Marcona almonds. or whatever you wish. Simply, elegant and fun to nosh on.

A new trend is inexpensive but tasty American caviar. Enjoyable, adventurous, but inexpensive.

For a event-worthy dessert presentation, have your caterer, or you, put out simple, yummy cookies from your favorite bakery on beautiful platters, or put out fancy little plates with individual items, like gourmet chocolates, petit fours or little brownies. These can be served by catering staff, or yourself, table-side at the appropriate time.
An effortless, uncomplicated, but a delicious and breezy time will be had by all.


How do you stay stress-less for your parties?

So Many Reasons To Keep ‘Em Dancing All Night Long

Waveform blog So Many Reasons to To Keep 'Em Dancing

Wedding nightmare #23: No one is dancing! Just follow these tips for a Dance Dance Revolution Eve!



1. Set The Mood Early
The cocktail hour is a good time to get the party going. Consider hiring specialty performers or musicians from a part of your love story; a mariachi jazz trio, Hawaiian band from your recent vacation or soon-to-be honeymoon, or even a barbershop quartet. Just make sure your guests aren’t noshing in silence.

















 2. Have a Decent Sized Dance Floor

Too big and everyone is self conscious; too small and it’s too cramped. Make your dance floor the focus of the reception room—don’t tuck it in the corner. By featuring it, you send guests the message that dancing will be a big part of the evening.





3. Fix Your Seating Chart

Seat friends and family who love to dance nearest the dance floor. They will be more likely to get up and get the party started. Keep the less inclined to dance further away from the dance floor and the music decibel levels.





4. Skip the iPod

You may have the best playlist in mind, but there’s a reason why DJs and bands are so great at weddings—they are there to read, interact and adjust to your crowd’s mood through the evening, and to make sure everyone is dancing and having a good time (so you don’t have to). I mean, do you really want a friend getting up to grab the microphone all night to announce your cake cutting and bouquet toss? Didn’t think so. If you research, you will find a band or DJ in your price range with your style. Trust us — it’s worth the money knowing your guests will be entertained all evening, and you too.





5. Keep Everyone in Mind with Your Playlists

If you’re Indie Rock kind of people, well, that’s great, but make sure you mix it up for everyone. A little Frank Sinatra for your grandparents, a touch of Bruno Mars for the friends, and a dash of One Direction for your baby sis. It’ll make them all happy and keep ‘em having that extraordinary time you wanted them all to have. Take song requests. Set up your social media wedding site and ask everyone to vote on the last song of the eve. Get them involved. Seeing your Uncle Bob enjoy the night too will be priceless.





6. Create A (Short) Do-Not-Play List for Your DJ

Don’t want the Chicken Dance played? No problem. Put it on the list. Don’t micromanage though, let them figure out the best way to mix the music. It’s what they do best.









 7. Keep The First Dance Brief

Pay careful attention to your favorite song’s length before using it for your first dance. The same goes for those mother-son and father-daughter dances too. Work with your DJ or band to come up with the perfect shortened version if your favs are too long. 4 minutes isn’t bad unless you’re just dance-rocking back and forth, then…it’s an eternity for everyone else. Try sprucing your dance moves up, take a few classes before the wedding. You don’t have to be Dancing With the Stars good, but it’ll make your first dance together not only great-looking, but a truly romantic and poignant moment.





Have you ever had to get the dance party started? What are some of your tips and tricks to get your guests up to strut their stuff?