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6 Reasons Professional Lighting is CRUCIAL to an Event!

Ever wondered what could help take your party, awards ceremony, reception, or corporate event to the next level?




Here are 6 reasons we believe that professional lighting is crucial to any big event!

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1) Elevates your event and sets the mood eg. casual, formal, energetic, or thoughtful.


2) Spot or pin lighting creates ambiance and highlights the speaker or informational systems.


3) Creates a theme for your event: party, celebration, informational, studious.


4) Focuses attention on the subject or subject matters for your presentation or celebration.


5) Clarifies and Promotes the brand or point of marketing of the event, eg. Monogrammed lighting showing logo, names, or more!


6) Serves as decor all by itself and impacts the quality of photos or videos that can be used for professional purposes.


Any reasons we missed? Let us know in the comments below!


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What Difference Can A Great DJ Make At Your Event?

Ahh.. the importance of a good DJ.

We all know that weddings are life altering and loving events, but this isn’t the only time you may consider hiring a DJ. Private Parties, Corporate Events, Company Parties or Award Ceremonies, and more; these each call for someone to help with your special occasion.

These reasons don’t even skim the surface, but here are a few why we think a Professional DJ is the way to go:

(All photos are featuring members of the Waveform Events team!)


Taking Control of the Room

The DJ can perform as a Master of Ceremonies. Your DJ can keep things lively and entertaining while announcing guests, people of importance, general announcements, and keeping things moving along and on schedule, all while keeping energy high.




Keepin' it movin'

DJs tend to have impeccable taste when it comes to timing. They are hyperaware of the energy in the room and can do their part in using music to bring it up or slow it down, depending on the situation or schedule of events. It saves you from bouncing around to each person and letting them know what to expect or when to take their seats.



Keeping it organized!

You should have decided on a playlist (or at least a “don’t play” list) beforehand, however if you’re allowing song requests/dedications at your event, you need a DJ that can handle the flow, including getting the timing right so it’s not just a sporadic mish-mosh of music. Inviting song requests is a great way to get your guests involved and on the dance floor, but if their requests go un-played and forgotten, their morale may drop.



Under Control!

Last but not least, technical error. These days, we can all set up an iPod to play through some speakers, but where do we go from there if there are technical difficulties? Typically, the DJ is aware of any issues that can go wrong, and is working with their own and familiar equipment, meaning that anything that needs to be addressed will be, and your event can continue running smoothly!



There are plenty more reasons that a Professional DJ is an invaluable asset to any event, but we want to hear yours. Leave us some comments after the link below and tell us what your thoughts are!